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Seducing the Badman - preorder blitz

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Seducing The Badman (Russian Bratva #2) by Hayley Faiman is set to release April 25, 2016!  Pre-Order your copy today! Owned by the Badman (Russian Bratva #1) is #OnSale for only $0.99, so #OneClick your copy now to be ready for Seducing the Badman’s release!

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Radimir Zalesky has only ever known darkness. His choices have always been simple--live or die. Saved by the Russian mob, he is now the embodiment of a Bratva soldier. Yet, in spite of the cold, hard world in which he finds himself, he dreams of what he knows he does not deserve. Light.

Emiliya Chekova was born a printsessa, daughter to the infamous Ivan Chekov. Her life has been out of her hands for as long as she can remember, her only option to obey. When her father's betrayal to the Bratva ends in death, she is a possession passed on to another--now owned by a badman. 

Resolute to submit to her fate, Emiliya endeavors to be the light Radimir craves--but his demons are not so easily seduced. Thrust into the heart of a dangerous world in which Radimir resides, Emiliya discovers the cost of love, learning just how far she's willing to go to keep it.

* Recommended for readers 18+ due to Sexual Content, Language, Violence and Sexual Abuse causing possible triggers. 

=Author Bio=
32 years young... born and raised in California, did a stint in Oregon only to return to the Golden State. Lived that life a while until the Lone Star State called to us, Hill Country, Texas is where we call home, where our boots rest and loving that country life. Living the life with one bearded power pole climbing husband, two little boys that are full of energy and drive us crazy plus a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.

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Owned by the Badman (Russian Bratva #1)

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“I loved this book! It is a raw and gritty read.” - Nerdy Dirty & Flirty - Owned by the Badman

“Brave. Bold. Twisted. Unrelenting. Dark. Romantic...if I had to describe Owned by the Badman in so many words, I would use those.” - Author R.C. Martin - Owned by the Badman

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