Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Goodbye Girl - my review

Make sure you read The Goodbye Man before you read this book as its a continuation of the story and what a story it is. 

I'm not going to say much about the storyline in case you haven't read book one. What I will say is I tried to read this in the sunshine yesterday and ended up reading something else instead. I then remembered I did the same with book one. These are in no way a sunshine kinda book. It's so dark you will be wondering what your reading and why your reading it. Having said that I absolutely loved it(yep I'm warped lol) 

These characters stayed with me from when I read book one and they will be staying with me for quite a while. As a blogger I don't get time to re read books but I'll certainly be re reading these. 

Great praise to these two authors who can write such a dark book that has your head a mess afterwards. 

If you want to try out a dark read skip these and read something tamer. If your like me and think the darker the better then why haven't you read these two books yet.

Five awesomely dark stars. 

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