Thursday, 23 June 2016

Mend - cover reveal

Cover Reveal ~ Giveaway ~ Series Sale~*
MEND (The SNAP Trilogy #3)
by Tara Dawn
Romantic Psychological Suspense
Release Date: August 2016
Cover Design: RMGraphX

Fate. Karma. Time.
They are all faces of the same entity. Each is beautiful in its own way, in the right light. Normally each works of its own accord. Escape them, and you discover what lies beneath their masks. It surpasses sinister and lies within base carnality. The three twist together to create something terrifying enough to stop you in your tracks and beg for mercy. A clemency they'll not grant you.
I should have accepted and taken what they offered me to begin with. Death was kind to me, yet I refused it. I turned my back on them, and they unleashed a personal vendetta against me. Anyone close to me felt the repercussions; some of them payed the ultimate price. All because my will was stronger than theirs. They've proven to me that when things are meant to be, to not change them. Otherwise, someone will pay the consequences to right the world, and they won't hesitate to prove that to you.
Discrimination doesn't exist in their eyes. The headstones before me validate that.

All of Tara's books are on sale for 99 cents! If you haven't read SNAP & TAINT, now is the time to get them and devour them before Mend, the last book of the trilogy, drops. This sale won't last forever!
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