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“5 fight me stars!!! Tig, Tig, Tig…. that’s all you need to know!!!”  - Alpha Book Club
“Tig is a sweetheart, even for being a "fighter". He's definitely more lover than fighter. His southern charm and manners were just refreshing.”  - TBR Book Blo
“This was my first book by this author and after getting a third of the way through I quickly bought her other books.” - Loves 2 Read Romance

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“Charlotte.” Tig’s voice and eyes softened. “Life’s too short to surround yourself with things you hate, and people that make you feel like you’re wanting.” He sighed and shook his head.
“I’m a coward,” Charlotte said quietly. “I’m thirty-six years old, and I’m still trying to please . . well, just about everyone.”
“Well, cut that shit out,” Tig said, and he put his hat back on his head. “Pack a bag, girl.”
“Pack a bag. We’re going to my place.”
“What . . . what should I pack?”
Tig shrugged. “Something to wear tomorrow. I like the way you smell, so bring some of whatever that stuff is because I sure as hell don’t want you smelling like my soap.”
Charlotte nodded, stunned, and walked into her bedroom. As she was packing a small quilted tote bag, she heard Tig call her name.
“Yeah, Tig?”
“Don’t bother packing pajamas, Charlotte; there’s not going to be any need for those tonight.”

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