Friday, 20 April 2018

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The f*cking lights. They are all I can remember. Everywhere I turn I see them. They haunt my dreams, and now my reality. She liked the lights. I do remember that. It was part of her life, and in turn a part of mine, until the day I forgot it all.
They say your childhood paves the way to adulthood, and maybe it does. I know mine was lit up in flames. I walked the roads of Hell until I figured out that the only way to survive was to exist under a cloak of darkness—to deal with the devil himself. It was the only way to escape the pain, the torment. But the nightmares are still very real. They’ll never leave me alone. The shadows of solitude follow me wherever I go.
Weapons—they can be anything I need them to be. Unlike people in my life, they are predictable, dependable. Without any effort they can cause so much destruction, but also so much peace. Through the internal chaos, the anger that won’t cease, and the constant noise, everything is silenced with the pull of the trigger.
Ink—I’ve loved it since I can remember. It defines me. It’s my release. When I feel like I’m about to blow I turn to the needle. It is the one high I need. I brand people. It’s what I do. Kross Brannon is the best there is when it comes to tattoos. The success of my company proves it.
But I never teach. Those that work for me learn from someone else. I’m a solo artist. Always have been and always will be…but then I looked up and saw her, standing in my shop, beautiful, tattooed, and her soul screaming for me to reach out. She was a force of nature I couldn’t turn away.
That’s the moment everything started falling into place…

Note from the author: Dark Romance. Please be advised there may be emotional triggers for some. If you do not like dark themes this book may not be for you. Suitable for ages 18+ due to content.

My review

My first read by this author and what an awesome start. I absolutely loved this story. 

This is part one of Kross and Deltas story. Both are broken damaged characters. Delta is a great character. I loved how strong, sexy and feisty she is. Kross is a tattoo artist. He’s a hot alpha. When Delta sits in his chair he realises how much he wants her. The chemistry between these two is off the charts hot. 

So glad I’ve got part two waiting on my kindle as this was a brilliant read and after that ending I know I wouldn’t wanna want. 
I loved the twists and turns and can’t wait to read more.

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