Thursday, 5 June 2014

Stolen Course review

OMG I am seriously speechless. I read and thoroughly loved book one but this book just blew my socks off. 

This is Caleb and Emma's story. What a story it is. I'm not going to say what's happens in the story... The description gives enough to tease you. But be warned your gonna be jumping on a rollercoster with this book. As soon as I read book one I jumped into book two and I literally inhaled this story. I felt the pain and heartache that these characters were going through. I wanted to bang heads and at other times I wanted to run away from it as I was afraid of what else the author would put me through. How right I was in that thought. For the last 10% of this story I held my breath while reading. You know when your watching a film yet hiding behind the cushion? That's how I felt with this book. Bloody brilliant!!

I want to shout & scream about how much I love these two books as they are so brilliant!!

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