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Adolescence hasn’t been fun for Liss Lawrence. And after a year in Vancouver, when she’s finally adjusted to her new situation, a freak car accident sends her life spinning out of control and crashing into the world of the malions, a hidden race silently helping humanity from secret enclaves underground.

Liss’s knowledge of the malions endangers her family when Jaredsons Securities takes an interest in her accident. Few know the men of Jaredsons Securities, an international intelligence company specializing in missing persons cases, are actually the Vykhars, ancient malion enemies whose true purpose is the eradication of the malion race. The Vykhars will stop at nothing to discover if Liss is connected with the malions, and if they do, they will exploit her.

Perhaps more dangerous still are Liss’s growing feelings for Rion, a strong-willed malion scarred by his encounters with Vykhars and carrying a secret that could destroy their relationship. But Liss has a secret and scars of her own, and Rion’s fiercely protective nature threatens to tear them back open.

Can this pair of unlikely lovers survive the dangers of the Vykhars? And can their love survive their own misconceptions?

Meet the Author:

Miranda Rae Carter has lived in British Columbia, Canada, her whole life, and is a self-proclaimed home-bug. She spends most of her time doing what she loves, and that is being a mom and wife--and trying to master the art of cooking. The rest of her time is divided between looking in mouths and writing. For more information on Miranda and her malion novels, visit her on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.


* Dr. Abeo (Abby) Mubarak has come below to Rion’s home beneath the surface, to examine Liss now that she is awake after her car accident. Liss is attempting to walk for the first time, and is desperate to go home. Up until this point, Rion has chosen to keep his face covered by a hood, but Liss is about to see his face for the first time.

“Would you like to take a step or two? I’ll keep my arm here for

you to hold on to if you need.”


“Sure.” I smiled at her. “It feels so good to get up.” I took a

deep breath. As wobbly as I was, I took two steps with the help of

her arm then another rocky one before I stopped.


“Have you had enough, Melissa?” She patted my hand gently.


“Maybe we should sit you back down and try again later.”

I could tell that she wanted me to quit, but I wanted to leave;

this was my ticket out. “No, I think I’d like to try a few steps on

my own this time.”


“Okay,” she said warily, letting go of my arm and stepping back

to give me some room. “I’ll be right here just in case you need me.”


“Thanks.” I stood still for a second to balance myself. I knew that I could

walk on my own, even if it wasn’t very far. I took one more deep

breath and raised my left leg slightly, but as soon as I transferred

all of my weight to my right leg, it gave out and I fell backward.

Abby was standing too far in front of me to catch the hand I

reached out for her, and I squealed thinking about my head hitting

the rock hard floor. But I didn’t get that far; two giant arms were

around my waist and legs instantly, lifting me before I could hit.

I sucked in a breath, just as my face turned to the side, and my

mouth dropped open—Rion’s bright green, almond-shaped eyes

were staring directly into mine.


We stood there for a moment, staring at one another, both in

shock. He was like nothing I had seen, or known to exist outside of

the movies. The closest face I had seen to his was constructed of

latex and makeup. I wanted to reach out and touch him to see if he

was real, because his features were distinctly catlike: his nose was

broad and square, just like a cat’s, and his upper lip was indented

down the middle, like a cat’s, although it wasn’t split in two. His

face was covered in golden peach fuzz, but the hair on his head

was dark brown, long, and mane-like, hanging just past his shoulders.

When I touched it with the tips of my fingers behind his back,

it was soft and fine, not like a human’s. I couldn’t see his teeth, and

wondered for a moment if they were sharp.


It was then that I noticed the scars. The tip of his left ear was

missing, and there were two long lines that extended from the

upper left corner of his forehead, to the lower right side of his

bottom lip. I wondered who could have done such a thing.

He looked down as if he was ashamed of himself, and took a

step toward the bed, whispering, “I will put you back on the bed

now, you have had enough for today.”


I couldn’t speak. I was still in shock. This massive man seemed

to be shying away in my presence, and the only thing I could do

was swallow—hard. He turned around to leave. I was going to call

him back, but he raised his arm and angrily swept a mug off the

side of the desk as he stormed past it, and slammed the door behind

him on the way out. I winced as the cup shattered into pieces on

the stone floor.




I recoiled. I’d completely forgotten Abby was still in the room.


*After much convincing, Liss has decided to meet with Rion. They both have a lot they need to discuss, but getting her below to his home again hasn’t been as easy as Rion thought. His overprotectiveness has gotten him into trouble…again.

A crunch startled me, just as all the hairs stood on the back of

my neck. I stopped and turned around. Nothing; though I swore I

could sense every nerve in my body fire uncontrollably.




I shot up. There he was, out of nowhere. I stopped breathing

for five full seconds, tilting my head wayback to look up at him,

towering over me like a football player in full uniform. A thick

navy hood and cloak covered his entire body and face, but I knew

that it was Rion. Only Rion had that pine and musty leather smell

that I’d enjoyed for the last two months.


Damn, it smelled good.


“Hey,” I whispered.


“Hello,” he whispered back.


I should have been mad. I should have stuck to my guns and not

met with him after his spazz-out on Friday, but I could sense that

he was anxious about this meeting tonight, too. There was no use

dwelling on something that would only serve to ruin the night.


Rion’s hood dipped down as he stood back from me. He was

inspecting me, but not getting too close. He learned fast. “Did

Charlotte leave?” he asked when I looked down and kicked

the gravel.




“Good. Are you ready?”


I swallowed, hoping that my heart would slow down soon.

“I guess.”


He held out his hand. “Well, let us go then.”


When I looked up at his navy hood again, my skin tingled

everywhere. I couldn’t see his face yet, and I didn’t take his hand

right away. I didn’t want him to know I was shaking.


“Are you all right?”


I nodded.


“I will not take up a lot of your time tonight, but if you have

changed your mind about coming with me, I will phone Charlotte

and have her come and pick you up…I just cannot be here very

long, it is not safe.”


“I know.”


“Please come,” he begged, shifting his weight around. Finally

I could see his face. He was wearing a brooding, pouty frown. “I

swear that I will bring you back the moment you ask.”


I held his eye contact. “The moment I ask?”


He nodded again. “If it makes you feel more comfortable,

Charlotte knows exactly where we are going. And if I do not

bring you back, she knows how to contact every one of my family

members, who all know we are meeting tonight. This is not a

secret, Melissa. Please just give me a chance to explain things

to you.”


When I just stood there staring at the ground, unable to move,

he dropped his hand and said, delicately, “I am sorry about Friday,

okay? I did not mean to frighten you and get so upset. This whole

situation just has me on edge, and…seeing you upset just...”

My eyes flashed toward him. “Did you hear what I said…I

mean, before you—?”


“Every word…”


I cringed.


“…but I am the one who is at fault for all of this. Not you.”


His apology took me by surprise. “Just stop sneaking up on me,

please. You almost gave me a heart attack. Twice!”


“I know, I am sorry.”


I took a deep breath and replied, “I’m sorry, too. About nailing

you, in the…you know.”


He chuckled and offered his hand once more, and this time

I accepted it. As he gently wrapped his warm, calloused fingers

around mine, there was only one thought in my mind: the moment

I’d been wishing for was finally here. And after tonight, I would

finally be able to move on with my life.


“This way,” he whispered, tightening his grasp on my hand,

ever so slightly.


We ran from the open playground, to the nearest covered

area about a hundred meters away. He stopped in front of a large

manhole, lifted the lid up and looked at me. “I will go first, and

then I will catch you when you come through.”


I looked down the black hole. I couldn’t see the bottom. “Are

you serious?”


“Yes,” he whispered. “Do not be fooled by what you see on

the outside. Come, I will show you.” He took one step and disappeared

down the hole, out of sight.


I took one last look around to see if anyone was watching us,

but the park was empty.

“I am here…I will not let you fall.” His voice rose up from the

dark. “Quickly Melissa, we cannot let anyone see!”



I closed my eyes with my toes on the edge, and hesitated,

remembering my last visit below. Was he really going to let me

go again? I didn’t know what felt right anymore. “You promise to

bring me back?” I called down to him after more than a minute.

“I swear on the Creator, Melissa.”

Well, whether he was telling the truth or not, I still wanted to

hear his side of the story. And really, he’d never lied to me before.

I looked up at the sky and bit my lip. Taking one last breath of

the fresh air above, I stepped forward and dropped down into

the black.



*Rion is leaving Liss for one week, for a meeting with the other leaders deep below ground where Liss cannot go; as the danger is building, so are their feelings for one another. Goodbye means something much more tonight.



I took a step toward him. “What would you do if you knew you

were never going to see me again? What would you say?”


He hesitated for a moment. “You really want to know?”


“Yeah. Because if we never see each other again, I don’t want

us to regret the way we’ve said goodbye.” I took another step

toward him, and at that point, we were inches from one another.

“So what would you say?”


He raised one eyebrow and leaned back. “I do not like this

game you are playing with me. I do not speak female. So here is

my answer, in male: I would not say anything at all.”


“Why not?” I demanded, putting my hands on my hips.


He smiled. “Because…I would have toshow you.”

His head tilted to the side; he was looking at my arm. He

extended a finger toward me, and when he touched my arm, I

began to tingle everywhere. Slowly, his finger made its way up to

my collarbone, and he paused when I reached up and grabbed his

wrist. My stomach knotted around and I gulped.


“Rion…” I protested, taking half a step back.


He stepped toward me again, leaned down and whispered

in my ear, “Let me show you, m’ebesha wharla, please let me

show you…”

I squeezed his wrist and he remained still. “Tell me what you’re

going to do, first.”


The only light came from his flashlight, which was sitting on

end on the ground, but I managed to catch the sparkle in his eyes

as he closed them halfway. “This.” He kissed the hollow space

between my jaw and my ear, and I felt his hair brush my face as he

inhaled deeply, taking in my scent. I began to shake.


“Is this okay?” he asked me.


I took a step back, unsure. He took another step toward me, and

wrapped his arm around my waist. I was so hot at that point, I

began breathing erratically. His fingers found my belt, and slowly

traced around the bare skin of my lower back.


My instincts told me to push him off and start screaming, but

something about how slow and tender his movements were, his

waiting, his asking permission, made me feel like maybe I could

do this. Maybe, just once, my body could allow me a moment of

pleasure without panicking.


He leaned down again and his lips swept past my temple as his

hands drifted up to my shoulders. “Can I keep going?”


I closed my eyes. The pine and leather fragrance made me

woozy on the first inhale; I felt high with warmth and affection.

Without answering, I leaned into him, and he took that as a yes.

My hands found their way to his back, the indent of his spine, and

his great shoulder blades. I wanted to do this, but I wasn’t sure I

was ready. He was just so strong, and…would he stop if I asked

him to? Rion wrapped his cloak around us, then his giant arms

pulled me closer until every line of our bodies united.

I closed my eyes as he ran his tongue over his mouth, and

then…it happened.


Every nerve in my body prickled as his lips touched mine.

They were soft and gentle and moist, and I began to tremble; I

still wasn’t sure about it, but I tried to ignore my reservations and

began kissing him back. I wanted this. I wanted him. I wanted this

moment. And for the love of everything divine, he tasted so sweet.

Black liquorice sweet.


When I didn’t pull away, he held me tighter. He made his way

down my neck with his mouth then returned to my lips, with a new urgent hunger.

Vessen tay gee shon yew m’ebesha,” he whispered as his hands

headed south on my back once more. “Nee neena pelansha maen…

do not fear me, m’ebesha…”

My knees softened, and I began to melt against him, letting him

make his way to the underside of my jaw, kissing so gently. Before

I knew it, my back was against the wall, my wrists above my head,

held in one of his hands.


That’s when I lost it.


“Rion—” I cried, pushing him away from him immediately. I

was screaming NO! inside my head, and I wondered if he could

hear it.


He shot back, dropping my hands, and this worried look came

over his face. “What did I do?”


I shook my head. “I’m sorry, I just—”


Twitter-chirp. Rion muttered something in malion as he yanked

his phone out of his pocket and texted a reply to whoever had messaged



“You’d better go.” I took another step back when he put his

phone away. Thank goodness for his phone, it was the perfect

excuse. It was easier than trying to explain. I didn’t want to hurt

his feelings. This was my issue, not his, and I could sense he was

bothered by the new distance between us.


“I may get angry and lose my temper sometimes…” He kissed

my cheek. “But I want you to know that I am in complete control

of those types of emotions, okay?”


I nodded and put my hand to my cheek; the warmth

was comforting.


“I would never push you to do something you did not want me

to do. I am twice your size, but when it comes to thisyou are in

the driver’s seat.”


“Thank you Rion, that means a lot.”


“Was it at least a good kiss?”


I smiled. “It was…bang-a-rang.” Then I straightened my jacket,

preparing to leave.


He snorted. “I hate that word.”

“Fine. It was…amazing—to say the very least.”


He pulled me close once again and kissed the top of my head.

“Now that is something I understand.”




“I really should go,” he sighed, looking down at his phone

again. “If I do not leave right now, those eyes will trap me

here permanently.”


I glared at him. “What eyes?”


Those ones.” He leaned closer to me. “Those big, brown,

leikshi eyes that I cannot seem to resist.” Then he jumped up and

peeked through the exit, making sure it was safe for me to return.


“So one week?” I lamented when he came back down.


He growled. “Do not remind me.”



Anywhere                                           Evanescence

Glitter in the Air                                 Pink                                                                

Crashed                                          Chris Daughtry

I'm in Here                                          Sia

I'm With You                                      Avril Lavigne  

E.T.                                                     Katy Perry                        

Human                                                Civil Twilight    

November Rain                                  Guns and Roses                              

Crash Into Me                                    Dave Matthews                          

Broken                                                Seether featuring Amy Lee    

Weightless                                          City and Colour                      

Can't Help Falling In Love                 Ingrid Michaelson (Elvis cover)

Without You                                       Three Days Grace  

Lost in You                                         Three Days Grace

Fade Me                                              Daniel Wesley

Ever the Same                                     Rob Thomas

Sov Gott                                             Jewel

Oceano                                              Josh Groban

Woke Up This Morning                  Nickelback

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