Sunday, 16 November 2014

Saving Kenna - my review

Another brilliantly written book by this author. Indulging in Irelyn and Being Zolt were fantastic reads. I was glued to these books and to be honest I really didn't think the author could get any better. But I was wrong. The author blew me away with Sloan and Kennas story. I really can't describe how I felt reading this book. Alcohol and chocolate was certainly needed. The twists and turns will have you holding your breath or gasping!

I highly recommend this emotional rollercoster of a story. Yet again thur author has blown me away with her fantastic writing. 
Keep on writing Dawna as I'm addicted to your stories. 

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  1. Aw, you honor me truly. Sniff, sniff. So happy you enjoyed and thanks for posting. <3