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Title: Never Give Up

Author: Heidi Lis

Genre: Contemporary Suspense Romance

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Micah Taylor

My first love.

My first time.

My first heartbreak.


Letting him in was easy.

Forgetting him was damn near impossible.

Five years have now passed…never forgetting.

Five long years that couldn’t erase…his memories…my regrets.

Now he’s back!


What happens when the heartbreak of the past discovers your most guarded secret?




Lies are told, secrets are exposed, and the heartache of the past force me to reveal the most sacred part of my soul. The day I feared the most was now upon me. How can I survive this yet again, losing him once was bad enough…losing him a second time would destroy me.


I do the only thing I can...


I’m Elsa Winters, and this is my story!


Never Give Up is a realistic story about first love, heartbreak, lies and deception. A second chance romance that will have you believing that anything is possible when it comes to true love. An emotionally charged story from start to finish.


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I’m mentally freaking out, trying to protect my heart and Micah’s as well. He has a right to know, the question is when? Covering my mouth, a tear or two escapes my eyes. He intently watches the flow of my tears before a look of worry washes over his angelic face. “Baby, what’s wrong?” The condom wrapper he’s holding is half torn open in his hand. My mind swimming, and my head is moving side to side.


Great, what do I do now? “Oh, it’s just—all of a sudden it’s as if we’re back in your room. So many memories.” I let my words trail off, not sure how to finish that thought. I want this moment, and I hate myself for reacting this way right now. I need this, so my tears have to stop or else I’ll ruin it. Leaning forward, his finger wipes a stray tear. “You need to be reminded what it feels like to be loved by me, pretty girl. I worship you Elsa, always have. If your dad had told me how to get in touch with you, I would have.” The desperation in his eyes tell me he’s telling the truth. All the possibilities of what could have been flashed before my eyes.


I'm familiar with this author's work, as I absolutely love her style, but I DID NOT SEE THIS ONE COMING! Elsa Winters fell in love with Micah Taylor when they were teenagers, and truly believed he was the one, until he smashed her heart into little pieces when he just disappeared. It's been five years now, and she has struggled everyday to put him behind her, and move on. When she finally believes she can move forward with another man, a twist of fate has him appearing in her life again. No matter how hard she tried to keep him at arm's length, their strong connection is still alive and kicking, and Elsa is terrified that she won't survive heartbreak a second time. But they can't stay away from each, nor be friends. As they try to work it all out, her biggest secret is revealed. Will Micah and Elsa stand together to survive when all the past secrets and lies come to light?


WOW JUST WOW! Dramatic girly girl emotions ahead! This story was absolutely GUTWRENCHING! I was invested from the get go, so my heart had been ripped out, stomped to pieces, only to be shoved back in with no numbing agent. The character development is great, with a strong cast of secondaries, (and a few need their own story pretty please). Heidi Lis' diabolically talented writing style is so emotionally charged that mine feeling came out sideways whether I wanted them to or not. She is brilliant at writing twists and turns that come from left field that made for serious OMG moments that I couldn't help but scream colorful metaphors while wiping my leaking eyes. I'm 100% addicted to this author, and I'm super excited to read the next story that brings me to my knees! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!- Jennifer Pierson: The Power of Three Readers

About the author


Heidi grew up in the Midwest, but currently resides with her husband and four children in the Pacific Northwest. Heidi most enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. Between raising her children and obsessing over her favorite reads, she has let the storyteller within herself come to life. With the love and support of her family, she is following her dream while teaching her children how important it is to follow theirs. She prides herself in believing that anything is possible, the first step is believing in yourself. Heidi’s passionate and loving style in which she lives her life comes through in her writing. Her heart has led her down the genre path of a contemporary and suspense romance writer, but she has plans to extend her vision into other genres as well.

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