Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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Title: KEPT ➜➜
Author: Camille Lindstrom
Genre: Erotica/ Women’s contemporary fiction

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From the surface, Jack’s got it all. A six-figure a year corporate dignitary, he lives comfortably with his family. But beneath the surface, this workaholic financier is trapped in a mediocre marriage, pining for release and zest. He diverts these misgivings to an underbelly world of vice in which he escapes his daily demons, paying for the affections of beautiful women. 

Enter Lara, articulate and cultured, but struggling to find her path. The two begin a sordid affair that takes them across state lines and through countless airports, under the cloak of a tight-knit clandestine world fueled by wealth and control.

#Author info:
Camille Lindstrom was born and raised in northeast Ohio. Tired of the ubiquitous drab Ohio weather, she relocated to Florida where she attended the University of North Florida, earning a BA English/Creative Writing. 

She enjoys eccentric, unconventional plot themes that question convictions of what we deem normative. When she's not writing, Camille enjoys being active, donning cat eye glasses and traveling.

Areas of interest: Women's contemporary fiction, Erotica


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