Thursday, 18 May 2017

#NewRelease #DarkRomance Careen by πŸ‘‰ Kerri Ann is #LIVE #OneClick today #CrownAndAnchorSeries

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Another day another screw up. I've been reprimanded so many times in the past two weeks, you'd think I could get a handle on it--that I could find a way out of this. Hell no. Captain brought me in for another infraction, and if I can't get this straight I'm off the force. All my family have been cops. My Dad, my Uncles, crap--even my Great Grandfather was a Marshall during Lincoln's time. If I lose this job and I'm done; what will I do?
While out on patrol, what I thought was a routine traffic stop for a taillight out on a sleek motorcycle, that's when I met her. Her jet black hair streams out of her helmet, flowing down her back in a tight braid. That slim body, and her glorious rack, is stuffed tight in a race jacket. She's amazing to say the least. She's what dreams are made of.
That was until I arrested her.

I'm the Doll of Crown Industries. I have everything I could ever ask for, and then some. Nothing was ever hard. What I portrayed to the world, and to my family is a lie. Everyone expects me to be the perfectly manicured, presentable and contained daughter. They think I'm the one that follows the rules, and stays within the lines.
As my life fell apart, and that perfect ivory tower family crumbled down, could I survive it? Will it crush me?

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Crashed: Siren’s Ghost (Crown and Anchor Series #1)
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Crashed: Siren’s Call (Crown and Anchor Series #2)
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