Tuesday, 9 May 2017

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Midlife Margaritas is a collection of essays by a diverse group of women sharing their heartwarming and hilarious stories of what it’s like to conquer forty in today’s world and live to tell the tale. They are the stories of women rising up after unimaginable loss, of overcoming impossible odds, and of finding humor in the everyday challenges we all face.
These touching essays reveal the true strength, beauty, and heart of women. They show us ordinary women doing extraordinary things. And, above all, they remind us to have fun.

Inspiring and encouraging, Midlife Margaritas is the fun companion you never knew you needed at this time of your life. Reading it is like being wrapped in a warm embrace from a beloved girlfriend…who is trying not to spill the margarita in her hand.

(Compiled by Hembree) Shannon Hembree, Jen McGinnis, Bree Luck, Sarah Weitzenkorn, Dionne Williams, Anne Karrick Scott Deetsch, Heather Von St. James, Barbara Fleck, Elizabeth Pendleton, Emily Cooke, Bernadette Jasmine, Vanessa Velez, Laura K. Bedingfield, Beckie Cassidy, Sarah Freeman Knight, Jennifer Porter, Rosanne Nelson, Brooke Schmidt

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