Wednesday, 17 May 2017

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Reviewer Brandy Roberts - “Loved loved LOVED Fighting chance everything about it was really likable amazing story line , characters you will adore and some you will really hate , funny, steamy,and sad moments.”

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I came from nothing, but I’ve fought my way to the top. It’s what I do—all I know. With a bank account full of money, four boxing title belts on my wall, and a clear path to another, I have everything I need. But what good is money and success when the one thing I want more than anything, the reason I’ve been fighting all along, money can’t buy?
Then I meet Mia…she may be just the one to help me get it.
I came from everything, but almost lost all of it one fateful day. The little that remains, I’m fighting for—it’s all I can do. But no matter how hard I fight, I am powerless as I watch it slowly slip though my fingers. The one thing I want more than anything, I don’t have the money to buy.
Then I meet Chance…he may be just the one to help me get it.

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