Wednesday, 17 May 2017

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Paige Palmer has a problem and she has the solution within reach: it’s name is Leo Morris. Leo, master of Richmond town, is a powerful and unscrupulous man who will ask her to do something very particular in return for his help.
And situations are never as simple as they look…

“…Leo turned around, it was time to set foot in his office. He always locked himself in there from eleven p.m. into the dead of night, solving problems and meeting people. Sometimes he would also go into the club to throw some punches when needed, but he did that rarely now. Old habits die hard and when he had to solve something personally, there was no henchman who could do the job in his place. He grabbed the door handle, pulled it down, and found himself face to face with a pair of glacial eyes and a perfectly designed and symmetrical goatee with just a few strands of silver in it. If there were a prize for the most definite and precise goatee, Andy Pride would definitely win it. He was the best treasurer and public accountant in all of Virginia. 

«There’s a person who wants to see you in your office.»

«Who the hell is it?»

«A woman» iceman answered without losing his composure and letting him get by. 

When Leo left the room, Andy entered to take the documents and Dante smirked.
He would have loved to see his face when he saw the kind of woman who was waiting for him… 

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