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With a new short story to add to this romance series available now, you’ll find out just how much Doc loves his town. Read Doc’s Town and the first three books in the series at the same time: Finding Liam, Seducing Megan and Saving Stephanie, for 99 cents.

Whether you’re a new, old, or returning resident, of Prossers Bay, one thing is certain; things will never be the same again. 

Once you step foot into this tight knit community, of sand, sea, and hope, your past becomes irrelevant. 

Your future in this town, depends on your willingness to accept that love is in the air, and that strangers will care about you. Can you handle that?


Book 1: Finding Liam 

Sometimes loving someone just isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets you through the loneliness and heartache until you find the way back.

Max has been in love with Abby forever. Marrying his childhood sweetheart was a dream come true. But, a series of devastating life events has driven a wedge between them. Their marriage has gone from passionate togetherness, to leading separate lives. 

Abby fears that she can never be the wife that Max deserves, until a Christmas miracle occurs, and she’s offered the chance at creating the family she’s always wanted.  

If it’s not too late for their marriage, can these two wounded souls have a second chance at their happy ever after?

Book 2: Seducing Megan
Megan has fought hard for her independence. Raising her twin daughters alone means she has no time for men – especially when they come in a handsome package like millionaire, Jordan Lambert. Charming and rich, he’s everything she's vowed to stay away from. So, why is she finding him so hard to resist?

Used to getting his own way, Jordan can't understand why Megan refuses his job offer. Intrigued, especially when he knows how much she needs it, he pushes harder. It comes as a shock, that she turns out to be everything he's been looking for in his personal life too. How can he convince Megan to put the past aside, and take a risk on the future, with him?

Book 3: Saving Stephanie
The prodigal son has returned to Prossers Bay…

Doctor Jamie Morris has come home to care for his father, but has no intention of staying longer than necessary. The gossip surrounding his alcoholic mother, which hounded his childhood, still haunts him. Then he finds Stephanie in his bedroom, the only woman he’s ever loved, and his heart and mind start a war. He still wants her, but he also needs the future she wanted no part of. He knows he can’t have both.

 Stephanie Green finally has the chance to realise her dream of opening her own cafΓ©. Until the bank reneges on her loan. Taking money from her ex-lover isn’t an option, but typical of Jamie, he makes the offer too tempting to refuse. Stephanie knows she still loves Jamie, but that doesn’t mean they can be friends, or anything else. Does it?


There is a Book 5  if you want to add it – Emily’s wish

Sometimes a wish comes true. Sometimes more than one.

Being a good daughter is how Author, Emily Richards, has lived her life. With a mother like hers that isn’t easy. Knowing where her birth mother lives, and an argument she can’t forget, Emily arrives in Prossers Bay confused and hurting. Her wish to be happy; to not feel like she must answer for everything she is, or does, seems out of reach.

Mason Anderson is happy. At least he thought he was. Then, feisty Emily turns up in Prossers Bay. He can’t get her out of his head, and his blood runs hot every time he sees her. Understanding that she’s in pain, Mason isn’t scared off, even though convincing Emily that he’s not trying to ‘fix’ her might be beyond his skills as a therapist.

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