Monday 8 May 2017

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Title: ADAMANTA: Shafts of Kudos ➜➜
Series: Adamanta: Season 1, Episode 2 
Author: T. Y. Carew & Stephen P. Scott
Genre: Science Fiction

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The mining shafts on Kudos have been producing increasingly smaller quantities of the mind-controllable Adamanta, but when you're fighting an undefeatable enemy you have to use every advantage you can gain.

Colonel Xander and his crew are there to secure as much of it as possible for the human military force. When an explosion traps three of the crew in the mine, the race is on to save them as well as ascertain whether the small operation is under attack from the formidable Beltine.

The explosion might have been written off as an accident if Marx, the Kudos safety engineer, hadn't found evidence of Xander's own transport pod having been rigged with enough explosive to destroy the whole mine and every breathing being in its vicinity.

Who would want Xander and his crew dead? And what deadly secrets does Marx harbor?

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