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I dusted my cheeks with blush, fixed my eyeliner, and put on some lipstick. Hardly a glamorous movie star, but I cleaned up okay. I stepped out of the bathroom just as Sebastian was adjusting his tie. For a second, we just stared at each other. I’d never seen him dressed to impress. His dark hair was slicked back, and damn, he filled out his tuxedo perfectly.
James Bond had nothing on Sebastian Severino.
He shook his head slowly. “Isabelle, you’re beautiful. No. You’re always beautiful, it’s just…”
“Oh my God. You’re stammering.” I grinned. Seeing slick Sebastian unable to complete a sentence made me feel sexier than ever. I turned all the way around. “You think it’s okay?”
“‘Okay’ doesn’t begin to scratch the surface.” He came over to me with a rectangular velvet box. He cracked it open to reveal a gorgeous rhinestone necklace with matching dangling earrings. He removed the necklace, unfastening the clasp. “May I?”
I nodded and turned around, reminding myself to breathe. He clasped the necklace around my neck, and I faced him again. “How does it look?”
“You’re stunning.”
I let my gaze wander down to his toes and back up. “You’re not so bad yourself.”
He smiled but didn’t offer any smarmy reply. He opened the shoe boxes. “I didn’t know what size, but hopefully one of these will work.”
I plucked the black velvet pumps from the box and slipped them on. Tight, but I wouldn’t be crippled. Still…I popped them off and picked up the patent-leather sling backs with rhinestone buckles. Much better fit. I walked over to the mirror, proud of myself for maintaining my balance. Heels weren’t part of my usual gear.
Sebastian came up behind me, his dark eyes on mine in the mirror. “Thank you for coming with me tonight. I wish it could be under better circumstances.”
I turned around, looking up at him. “Will your father be there?”
“Yes.” He nodded. “Tonight we need to convince him that I’m using you to keep the Sedona Pack on task for the final mission. He has to believe you’re committed to working with me against Adam’s Pack. It’s the only way to get you into the compound tomorrow.”
I sucked in a deep breath. “Okay.”
He took my hand and surprised me by lacing our fingers together. His voice softened, barely a whisper as his eyes searched mine. “I promised Madeleine I would bring her home.”
I nodded, not quite sure why he seemed so…desperate.
“I’m…afraid, Isabelle.”
And there he was. The real Sebastian stood in front of me, dropping all his defenses and leaving him open to be wounded.
He was fucking brave.
I reached up with my free hand to caress his cheek. “We all are.”
“You don’t understand. I’ve never protected anyone. Usually if I fail, someone lives. I can’t fail her…or you. Your lives are on the line.”
“So is yours.”
He pulled away, walking to the window. “My life is inconsequential.”
“Not true.”
He faced me, pain lining his brow. “You’ve seen all my scars. Until you, I’ve stitched them all myself. No one will miss me. Most will be glad when I’m gone.”
“I would miss you.” I blinked at the confession that fell from my lips. My voice squeaked.
“You’re not in this alone. Not anymore.”
He crossed the room to take me into his arms. I returned the embrace, my heart racing like a fucking Thoroughbred. He whispered against my ear, “I need you to trust me tonight.”
Trust. I blew out a pent-up breath and nodded. “I’ll try.”
He straightened, walking me toward the door to the other room. “It starts with helping convince Adam to give himself up.”

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