Thursday, 22 June 2017

This is an anthology of horror and dark fiction. 

I love anthologies as they are great if your looking for a quick read. I also like to buy anthologies so I can dip in if I'm looking for a quick genre change. I rarely read an anthology all the way as I like to dip in and out. An anthology is also a great way to find new authors :)

As these are short reads it's hard to write a review without spoiling but here goes on a few I've read already. 

See You and n the Flip Side- Carissa Ann Lynch. 

This is a great wee story. Jeremy wants his girlfriend to go on a camping trip to meet his family. Unfortunately she has a fear of cockroaches which affects her life quite a bit. I really liked this read although my mistake was I read this out in the garden and it had me imagining all sorts lol 

Widow's Prey - Erin Lee

I loved this story. Although a quick read I felt the author gave us a complete story that I really enjoyed. Oh Tendra you certainly got a chance to show your true colours ;)

As I go along and read some more of these stories I'll update my review. From what I've read so far I highly recommend this anthology. 

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