Monday, 7 August 2017

A body. 

A sacred national park. 

It's classified... 

Park Ranger Dana Madison isn’t a homicide detective anymore, or is she? Singled out by the President to investigate a string of mysterious deaths in the country’s national parks, Madison has no idea why she was selected, or why she’s leading an unlikely cast of characters in a frantic search for answers. 

When the chase leads her deep into the Rocky Mountains, Madison discovers potential motives that shock her. Is there a connection to Native-American tribes as the President suspects? Will she survive long enough to discover who she can trust? 

A DEADLY BLUFF is a captivating literary crime novel for fans of Nevada Barr, Craig Johnson, and Tony Hillerman. If you love a well-researched mystery steeped in America's checkered history, and political intrigue that echoes current events, then you will love Ranger Madison and her engaging team as they unearth secrets about who controls America's natural treasures. 

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