Tuesday, 8 August 2017




MARILEE REESE sits in an airport anxiously waiting to board the plane that will finally take her from an abusive partner and reunite her with her family.

​Returning home from a medical conference in Philadelphia, JASON WOODS is a psychiatrist, Master Dominant and co-owner of Paradise Isles, an elite BDSM club.

​Their attraction is immediate, undeniable and mutual.

​As their relationship begins to take flight, Jason realizes her inexperience, naivety and history of abuse are hurdles they must overcome.  He chooses to go slowly in an attempt to rectify her misconceptions of the world of BDSM and show her that the lifestyle is something to be embraced, not feared.

​Will her misconceptions prevent her from embarking on the sexual odyssey and journey of self-discovery into the steamy and sensual world of BDSM that Jason offers?  Or, will the reappearance of Jason’s beautiful, experienced and obsessed former submissive change the course of both their lives?

​Enter the dark and dangerously sexy DR. MICHAEL LEARNER—he too is a Master Dominant, Jason’s friend and co-owner of Paradise Isles.  Michael would like nothing more than to pick up the pieces and comfort Marilee into submission.

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