Wednesday 25 March 2020

Mr Nice - new release



Your worst nightmare is about to come true...
When Megan discovers that her young daughter is missing, she thinks that her ex-husband is to blame. 
But was it someone else entirely? 
Someone out for revenge? Someone with a grudge? 
As DI Laura Kesey begins her investigation, she discovers that the case is infinitely more wicked than she could ever have imagined. 
The clock is ticking. 
The search is on. 
But will Kesey find Lottie before it’s too late?
It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. The greater the evil, the deadlier the game.

John Nicholl is also the bestselling author of The DI Gravel and Dr David Galbraith series. Mr Nice is a dark and twisty psychological thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seat. It can be read as the sequel to The Girl in White or as unmissable stand-alone. It will appeal to fans of authors like M.W. Craven, Mark Edwards and Charlie Gallagher.

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I always look forward to a new release from this author. After reading his previous books my expectations are high each time he releases a book. I wasn’t disappointed with Mr Nice as this was another great read. 

A mother’s worst nightmare comes true... her daughter is missing. DI Laura Kesey is fighting against the clock to find the little girl. 

This is a must read. I cannot praise this story highly enough. Jump into this brilliant read. You won’t regret it. I hope John is busy writing more for us. 

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