Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Goodbye To You - review

This is a beautifully written sweet story. Although it's based on serious issues the author wrote about it tactfully with enough humour to take the edge off it. 

After losing her mother to breast cancer and with her sister going through it now Thea opts to have a double mastectomy. Before the operation she decides to go on one last holiday with her best friend. On holiday she meets Shay where they have a holiday romance. 

What happens when they meet again? Will they both be able to share their secrets??

This is a heartfelt story that will have you in tears and then having you smiling. Cancer is all

around us so great praise to the author for a remarkable job.

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  1. Philomena-thanks so much for your kind words. Your review made my morning. :) I'll be walking around the office with a silly grin on my face today and you're the reason why. Looking forward to chatting more about books on Goodreads!