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Title: Defying Fate (The Fate Series Book 1)

Author: Heidi Lis

Genre: Contemporary Suspense Romance

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Sometimes love

can turn ugly.

Sometimes love can hurt.

Sometimes the best thing to do is escape!

Leaving everything behind Izzy Parker escaped the hell that had been her life.

Driving as far west as she could, to get away from her evil past

she ended up in Washington State.

Izzy’s new life is turned upside down when she meets her

Harley-riding neighbor Braxton Ryles.

Larger than life Braxton is a biker with a mouth to go with it.

Owning his own shop, he controls most things in his life.

Living and loving hard, the only thing that means anything to him

is his daughter Eve.

Upon hearing they had a new neighbor move in,

his curiosity gets the better of him

when his daughter won’t stop talking about her.

The instant their eyes meet,

chemistry takes over and ignites into an inferno of lust.

His sense of humor and her blushing tendencies

seem to sizzle whenever they are together.

The only problem is they both have troubled pasts,

evil ex's that want to rip their new found happiness apart.

One-ex wants revenge; the other seeks vengeance.

What happens when their new found

love collides with the ones who threaten to take it all away?

Can love survive?

Or will their pasts burn their dreams of a future to ashes?

Love will be tested, hearts will break, and the horrors of the past will reveal a secret Izzy is desperate to keep hidden.

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We finish up, and Eve strolls down the street towards her house. Once I’ve made sure that she reached it, I go inside to wash my hands in the sink. Moments later I hear the rumbling of a motorcycle as it drives up the street. It seems to slow down as it passes my house and then revs up once again. Shit. I guess he did drive by to check out the yard. Why do I care? Why should I let this excite me? Just the thought that some big, burly, probably incredibly hot looking guy is driving by my house is insane. Oh God, get a grip Izzy. He is driving by to see the flowers that his daughter helped plant. I need a life. Better yet, a sex life. After my shower I lie in bed, letting my thoughts return to the rumbling of that motorcycle as it passed by my house. Damn, all of those sexy romance books have me thinking that every biker is big, burly and hot. A man who would know just what a girl like me needed. He would take me over. His dominance would seduce me and I would submit to him willingly. I would surrender all of my insecurities, my fears, and he would take me in his big arms and never let me go. He would possess my body and own my soul in very splendid ways.


New neighbors attract in Heidi Lis' DEFYING FATE; a passionately romantic story that tests the virtues of love.

Hidden pasts and vengeful ex's haunt Izzy Parker & Braxton Ryles. After relocating cross-country to escape her past, Izzy finds new love in her new neighbor Braxton, a biker with an adorable daughter. Their passion is hot; their love-making intense; and it needs to be because the ghosts of the past will not abide. All that can be done to pry them apart is thrown at them, and as things escalate, we see how love is often tested in the real world.

DEFYING FATE is an irresistible account of modern-day love. The well-crafted characters will make you love and hate. The realism of the storyline is something very refreshing. You don't see it that often nowadays in the many romantic novels saturating the market. This story is entirely believable. It could happen in any small American town. The love connection is so powerfully described it brought my heart right into the pages.

Fate is what you make it. Author Heidi Lis shows us this to be true in this moving tale of life, love, and perseverance - Frank Scozzari

About the author


Heidi grew up in the Midwest, but currently resides with her husband and four children in the Pacific Northwest. Heidi most enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. Between raising her children and obsessing over her favorite reads, she has let the storyteller within herself come to life. With the love and support of her family, she is following her dream while teaching her children how important it is to follow theirs. She prides herself in believing that anything is possible, the first step is believing in yourself. Heidi’s passionate and loving style in which she lives her life comes through in her writing. Her heart has led her down the genre path of a contemporary and suspense romance writer, but she has plans to extend her vision into other genres as well.

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