Wednesday, 30 November 2016

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Ashley Black I Am Extreme (Book Two, Death Kiss Series )
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Somewhere beyond DESPERATION is a place for the EXTREME

“I want to make you MINE, Lily. Now, you’re telling me it’s not the right time? So, do me a favour, say you’ll be my fantasy?” Ben’s mouth gifts a pleasure storm of kisses down my neck. 

The lust demon has deprived me of words. I have no answer to THAT. I clutch his shoulders. HEAT exploding, everywhere. 

He holds me tightly, nestling me against him as he brushes his finger tips across my burning cheek.

“You are blushing." Ben's intense blue eyes tell my body exactly how this night will end up,“I love how HOT you become when I touch you, darlin.”


The jury is coming for Ben Drake and Lily Grim’s LOVE.

A love so EXTREME, their EXCESS may destroy them both.


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