Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Countdown to Love

When Project Manager, Marie, realises that it's been way too long since having any kind of a date, a kiss or a relationship, she decides action is needed.

Using her professional training and organisational management skills, she sets about on a new project: Countdown to Love, using the forthcoming Valentine’s Day as her deadline; hoping for some Valentines romance. Unfortunately she is so focused on her job and life she has become oblivious to life outside the office.

As an empathiser of being lonely, she tactlessly includes her gay neighbour Richard into her project to help give his boring and quiet life a boost. Little does she know that fifty-one year old Richard also has his own project on the boards and she blithely ignores his world, while focusing on her mission to find them both dates / sex / love before the Valentine Day deadline.

A short read mature romance / senior romcom book. Allyson R Abbott, a British Romance author, who will make you laugh out loud at Marie's strong woman antics and straightforward ways, in this clean romantic comedy, with a little innuendo. The way she manipulates Richard, completely unaware of the boundaries of her neighbors sexuality, is humorous and funny and sometimes cringe-worthy.

A kindle book also available in paperback.


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Allyson R. Abbott.

I love to travel, but I also need to work. Being an author allows me to combine both of activities and has the added bonus of life being an adventure. I never know where I will be sitting writing from one year to the next. As I write this, I am in South Africa, in February I travel to Spain for a few months and by June, in the USA. It is a great life, if you don’t mind a little insecurity.

I try to bring a little of my adventurous personality into my stories. Being a 'mature aging gracefully' woman, I feel akin to the problems of aging and relationships. I spent many years on my own before finding my truly remarkable and very patient partner who I happily gave up my whole world for. My stories are about mature relationships with mature people. People who have character and humour, who have a history; people just like us.

I like to call it Hen Lit, Not Chick Lit, but they are not just about falling in love. They are about real relationships and adventure.


Best Selling British Author who loves to write about real life, Interesting characters, which include humour and situations that will make you smile, or even shed a tear or two.

Find out about Marie and her blunders in Countdown, Pam and her encounter with a salsa wolf, or Linda's mishaps on her Fiji adventure. Abby and Ed will have you thinking 'will he or won’t he?', 'can he or can't he? Life is for living and enjoying, even Rose, In An English Rose, realises this at 85yrs old.

All my books are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and KOBO. In ebook and paperback.




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