Tuesday, 15 November 2016

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TREMBLE by Alison Foster is #LIVE! #OneClick the new #standalone novel today! Don’t forget to enter the #giveaway, and stop by to check out some #teasers and read an #excerpt!!

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Not everything sounds good when you say it. Some things sound, well, just wrong. Like saying I hired a male escort to be my fiancΓ© leading into (yeah, this is sounding bad) marriage, a fake marriage, one about money.
See, that did not sound good at all, but you’ll have to just trust me on this, that was the innocent part of the story. You know, the sunny bit before the fall. Because the rest of this story cannot be described in polite company. Not even a little.
First it gets, well, unapologetically hot and then it gets wickedly hot and then it kind of goes nuclear and becomes oh-muh-goodness hot.
That’s Lukas Dupree. He’s a-whole-nother level of naughty, but that’s not what this is about. This is about the darkness that followed—the chilling turn my story takes after he made me tremble to my core.
Maybe the choices mentioned above mean I deserved it all in the end.
I don’t know. You’ll have to tell me.
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