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Title: Dark Desires

A Contemporary Romance Collection

Authors: Various

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Mae I Design

Release Date: June 13, 2017




Ready to meet your next book boyfriend? How about 22 of them?


Prepare to ignite your nights with some of today’s hottest contemporary romance novels, starring the baddest of bad boys, bikers, billionaires, and more!


Inside the Dark Desires omnibus collection, you’ll find over one million words of burning hot fiction from today’s NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY and International bestselling authors!


NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Catherine Vale writing as Kate Nova 
USA TODAY bestselling author Muffy Wilson


Ivy Layne 
Madisyn Ashmore 
Normandie Alleman 
Ann Omasta 
JH Croix 
Donna Alam
Jade Kerrion 
Charlotte Casey
Rebecca Norinne 
Ines Johnson 
Cathryn Cade 
T.L. Smith 
Amity Cross 
Amie Stuart 
Author Quinn
Tameri Tiara
Beth Yarnall
Gabi Moore
Alix Nichols
K.C. Falls






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Excerpt 1 – Bishop’s Desire by Normandie Alleman


The phone woke me up at 1:17 AM. Phone calls that time of night always sent a chill up my spine. They were never good news.

“Reverend Soto?” A female voice rattled over the other end of the line.


“This is Kay Long. I’m sorry to bother you, but I didn’t know who else to call.”

“Yes, Kay. How can I help?” I made sure to sound more awake than I was. 

Kay prattled on, and I could hear the worry in her voice.

“It’s George. He’s gone off the wagon again. Down on Bourbon Street, and I can’t get him to come home. I’d go after him myself, but I can’t leave the twins, and I can’t put them in a stroller and go get him. Not down at the strip clubs.” 

“True.” That wasn’t a practical solution. Mrs. Long had twins who were going on about six months old now. Her husband had been attending AA meetings at the church semi-regularly. He’d been trying.

Rain pinged steadily on the roof, and I really didn’t feel like getting out of bed and heading down to the French Quarter. “Don’t you think he’ll catch a cab when he’s ready to come home?” 

“Maybe, but I’m afraid he’ll get locked up, like last time. And I can’t afford the bail money. Not with all these diapers and formula. Can you please help me?”

I held the phone out and sighed. “Want me to go looking for him?” 

“I hate to ask, but yes. Unless you can think of another way to get him home without an incident.” 

I couldn’t. “I’ll see what I can do. Do you recall the name of a few of his favorite places?” 

“Maybe check the Booby Trap or the Leopard Lounge. George likes all those titty bars. I’m sorry Father. I can’t imagine that you’d know much about those type places.” 

I smiled. Mrs. Long would be shocked to learn some of the things I knew about.


Excerpt 2 - Smart Baztard by Ines Johnson


Prince’s eyes glazed over the string of dental floss that most of the girls wore. Their swimwear was a sea of solid colors that had already been solved by many hands. Bored with the flesh on display, he looked down at the cube in his hands.

Prince had solved his first Rubix Cube at eight-years-old. At that young age, he’d known intuitively that if he repeated certain patterns he could solve each color, side by side. Twenty years later, his fingers worked the cube until he’d made a cross-pattern with the yellow blocks. Then he executed a sequence of turns to make L-shapes with those same blocks. A few more twists and turns and he’d have a solid yellow side. The simple algorithm was so ingrained in his mind that his fingers solved the problem without the aide of his eyes, allowing his gaze to once again take in the party around his next door neighbor’s pool.

His gaze fixed on a tasteful 1950’s style bikini that fully cupped a pair of generous breasts and completely covered a heart-shaped ass. It was the complex color pattern that caught his attention. A Rubix Cube has six faces. A bikini has three; four if you counted the back.

Fuck! He was looking at her ass. Prince turned back to the array of dental floss.

He could look at any ass, except hers. But the pattern on her bikini bottom stuck in his mind and he snuck another glance. On the fabric were blocks of the colors white, red, green, blue, orange, and yellow -just like a Rubix Cube. The yellow blocks would make a cross-pattern if she just turned to the right. Two twists to the left and the necessary L-shape would form. He worked out the pattern at the apex of her thighs. He knew the exact sequence to solve the triangular pattern on her left breast. He only needed to reverse it on the right breast.

When his gaze met round, pink lips that revealed pearly white teeth, he was stumped. He’d come to the end of the algorithm. He knew that returning Gabby’s smile would be a miscalculation and so he looked away.


Excerpt 3 – Ignite by Amity Cross

“Hey, Mountain.” A loud voice from behind the man drew his attention, and he let me go as a hand slapped on his shoulder. “I see you found my girl.” 
“She’s yours?” the man asked, his eyes narrowing in annoyance. 
I raised my head and hesitated when I saw the man who’d approached us. It was Blade. The guy from the cage with the right hook from hell. 
His eyebrow was split from the fight, and a few drops of blood were smeared across his forehead. Up close, he was better looking than from my vantage point on the bleachers. He’d put on a T-shirt and jeans since, and his hair was damp. 
“Thanks for keeping her warm for me, but I reckon you should fuck off,” he said to Mountain. “You’re going to scare her off, mate.” 
“Pussy,” he growled. “Prove it.” 
Blade sighed and then glanced at me. Before I knew what was happening, he reached out and wrapped his hand around my braid, pulling me against his chest. His mouth covered mine, his lips hard and commanding. When his tongue swept into my mouth, I melted, letting him kiss me like I was nothing more than a thing. And fuck me if it wasn’t hot as hell…and completely bloody stupid. 
When he pulled away, he stared at me almost apologetically. 
“Blade, mate, c’mon. Share your pussy around for once in your sorry life.” 
“Fuck off, Mountain,” he said with a snarl, not breaking eye contact with me. “I’m not into group situations, and I definitely don’t want to see your cock.” 
Wrapping his arm around my shoulders, Blade guided me away from the danger zone and back out into the warehouse. It felt safer out here, but now I knew it was an illusion. 
“I’m sorry,” I muttered. “I got lost…” 
Turning, he looked me over and raised an eyebrow. “You here alone?” 
I nodded, starting to feel exceptionally stupid. 
He grinned like he already knew my answer. “What’s your name?” I opened my mouth to reply, but he placed a finger over my lips, and I shivered at the contact. “You can be whoever you want here.” 
I was plain Alison Anders, the butt of all the office jokes, demure, straitlaced, alone, a shell of her former self. There wasn’t a wild bone in my body, but suddenly, I felt like I could be anyone. 
“Ali,” I said through a heavy breath. The name rolled from my lips without hesitation, and I knew it was fate. Life had just been blown into my dead body, and it’d been delivered by the kiss of a stranger. A hot, dangerous, bloodstained stranger. 
“Ali,” he murmured. “I think you’d better go home. This isn’t a nice place for a woman on her own.” 
I froze, my mind pulverized into mush. Go home? 
He smirked, his gaze lowering. Just when I thought he was staring at my boobs, he plucked the ticket stub out of my breast pocket and peered at the bet I’d placed. His lips curved into a grin, and he pressed the bit of paper into my hand. 
“You’d better collect your winnings on the way out, darlin’.” He winked before turning away, and my gaze fell to his ass. “You’re welcome.”


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