Tuesday, 11 April 2017

#CoverReveal ⇒ Resurrecting Hope by Jane Anthony is set to release May 1st!  Check out the gorgeous #cover and #preorder your copy today! #ContempRomance #ComingSoon #TBR

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== BLURB ==
I’m broken.
I’m hiding.
I’m not the woman he claims he loves.
Hope Moon is a figment, a fairy tale. A single mom with sunny smiles on the outside, but whose pitch-black insides are riddled with demons.
I can’t look him in the face, can’t tell him who I am.
If I let my guard down, Jack will find me.
Jack’s wrath left me bound in hell. 
Can Hank’s love set me free?

I’ve been hurt. 
I’ve been used. 
I’ve been betrayed.
But Hank Lawless isn’t a man to be trifled with. 
Hope Moon has caught me like a fly in a web. Her gaze is haunted, her moves calculated. There’s more to the dark haired beauty than meets the eye. She’s hiding something. 
I need to find a way to break down her defenses.
I vowed to walk beside her through her own personal hell.
But is my love enough to free her from it?  

**This book contains mature content and is meant for adults 18+. It contains a trigger warning for graphic scenes of domestic violence and rape. It’s a story about second chances, and overcoming your shattered past by any means necessary. Please take this into account before reading.**

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