Tuesday, 18 April 2017


When I sign up to review a book for a blog tour it is usually because the book jumps out at me in some way. When I opened my kindle and read the authors note I thought what the heck did I sign up for. I went and read the blurb and thought I must be losing the plot. I thought I've signed up so I'll read a few chapters and give it a go bearing in mind this isn't my normal kinda read.

Firstly we read of Karl's heart wrenching story. He went through what a lot of men sadly went through many years ago. Jump forward seventy years and we meet Ben. He's on the same island as Karl was years ago. When Ben decides to go exploring and hears weeping he feels his mind is playing jokes with him. He needs to find out what happened but he gets more than he bargained for.

Although I usually stay away from books that is heavy in history I'm so happy I read this gem of a story. It's an eye opening story of the heartache that happened in years gone by.

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