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He’s been broken, repaired, and has finally risen above his devastating injury.
She’s a cute, foul-mouthed nurse with an attitude as big as the ocean, but has a caring heart even bigger.
They once loved each other back when life was simple and being an adult wasn’t an issue. What was once a beautiful love turned into a devastating heartbreak. Are they brave enough to give it another try now that life is complicated and ugly? Because while their circumstances once tore them apart, love was never their problem.

Eighteen years old when she broke my heart. Eighteen years old when I left to join the Marine Corps, knowing when I got back, she would not be there waiting for me. I never expected to see her ten years later, all heartbroken and humbled. I just don’t know if I can go there again with Adria Green. She’s short, sassy, and even more stubborn than she was when we were kids – and painfully more beautiful. So why do I find myself completely and inexplicably drawn to her? Because what drew me to her back then has been reignited without my permission, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to douse the old flame. I’ve already lost half a leg. I can’t lose my heart, too.

Am I to blame for my actions when I was just a kid and starting out at life? I was stupid back then, but I’m not stupid anymore. I’m educated, confident, and after my ex-fiancรฉ cheated on me and left, I’m even more careful with who’s going to get my heart. Seeing Kyle Adams after all these years made my heart stop and then almost drop out of my chest. He’s even more gorgeous and considerably more built than he was when we were in high school – despite the injury. I feel myself being pulled toward him like nothing I’ve ever felt, not even back then. But can we go there again? Can you really and truly go back? No, I don’t believe you can. I’m just not sure I can go forward now, either.

Beyond Love is book 4 in the Imperfect Heroes Series, and is for readers 18+. Contains adult situations, language, and minor scenes of war.

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Amazon: http://amzn.to/2offVfv
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