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#NewRelease ⇒ Dancing With The Devil (Wild Beasts Series Novella) by T. Birmingham is #LIVE!  #OneClick today! #Urban Fantasy #PNR #Excerpt

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Gemini Lynn Harrington is a drifter. She’s not living unless she’s got a canvas bag strapped to her back and a full passport in her pocket. Settling down in the small, college town of Montville, New York was never in her plans. But when her family dies a tragic death, she has to make a choice that could forever change her future.

Matthew Garrett has screwed up his life ten ways from Sunday. He’s got gambling debts, a serious drinking problem, and his most recent loss has messed with his ability to shift. His penance: being shipped off to Montville by his leader, James Vukoviฤ‡.

Gemini and Matthew soon find, however, that Montville isn’t like other towns. Beneath the rosy exterior, there exists a world of horror and magic, of Light and Dark, and of possibility and loss.

Except, neither ever imagined the degree of loss they would experience in this small town. With Gemini’s own life hanging in the balance, will they get to see the possibility, the magic of this beautiful new place, or will Matthew and Gemini be dragged down into loss and horror and darkness once again?

*Disclaimer: smexy scenes, kickass heroines, murder, mystery, fantasy...and yes, shifters.
**Trigger Warning: This book contains situations of sexual abuse that may be difficult for some readers.


"The feel of her surrounding him broke every barrier inside of him, and when the pressure in his lower back and abdomen peaked and he felt her wonderful soft strength pull him into her body deeply and tighten, he let her have it all.
He let her have his heart… his heart that beat blood through his body ferociously, his heart that was alive only for her now.
He let her have his very spirit, his animal, and he gave her little pieces of that part of him, of his true self.
He gave her his soul, that although damaged, had been brought to life the day he’d met her.
He gave her his breath against her breast as he tasted her perfect tits.
He gave her his mind, his body, the two things that had also been broken by his time in the Veil, by his time as a captive in another world.
He gave her everything as he came inside of her…
And more beautiful than giving was her receiving his gift and what she gave back to him.
Trust. Hope. A life worth living."

The Devil’s Pride (Wild Beasts Series #1) 

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