Thursday, 8 June 2017


Since reading Code Name: Ghost I have read and loved this authors books. Her books are realistic. To me I feel like it's a movie I'm watching. The storylines are brilliant and the characters are fantastic. This book is no different. 

Pure perfection. I started last night to read a chapter or two and read three quarters of the book. Yes it's that kinda read. 

Sam and Tania are running the family ranch. Sam struggles to move on from the past after seeing so much devastation while working as a nurse in the armed forces. She won't even talk to her sister about what she's seen. Then comes Cory. He had worked in Delta Force before leaving the armed forces. Can they help each other move on?? 

This has a great storyline with likeable real characters. I was so rooting for them to get their happy ever after. 

This authors books will always be on my kindle. When in a book flunk it's her books I turn to to get out of the flunk. If you haven't read any go grab and read. 

P.s. If your going to read the Code Name series just a heads up that Thane is mine:)

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