Monday, 5 June 2017


This is an amazing read. From start to finish I could not wait to read some more. I started this at the start of a bank holiday weekend... a hectic weekend. I ended up reading a few pages when I could on my phone as this story just would not leave my head. 

Being broke Nora decides to answer an advert in the paper for a tutoring job in a remote cabin in the mountains. When it's her time to leave she finds herself captive. Then she finds herself in a hospital bed. 

For most of this story I couldn't guess how it was going to go or end. The author certainly kept me on my toes. 

'Only ever you'. 

I love the cover. This book had my head in a spin. We get told the story through quite a few points of view. Usually this annoys me but I loved how the points of view were told. 

Usually I don't read teasers at the end of books so why the heck did I read this one. I need that book now. 

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