Thursday, 1 June 2017

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“O.M.G., O.M.G.! Just finished  U-Turn. Holy freaking sh*t, I don't have words at the moment... or breath!!! So I'm pretty sure Leaona Luxx is getting to insert  an evil laugh or two at this very moment…”

“I told Lea I wasn't sure about this book. I wasn't sure I could read a story about someone I hated sooo much. I should have had faith, she said it was going to be worth it. It was... And more so. I had tears just waterfalling down at the end.”

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I find myself halfway home when I do a U-turn. I hit the gas, speeding toward Myrtle Beach. My tears fall once again as I think of him leaving and I’m not the last person he sees. I need to be the last thing he sees. The fissure my heart has suffered begins to quake as I pray I make it back to him.
I park at the airport entrance, racing through every checkpoint I can before actually yelling, “He’s leaving. I have to tell him I love him.” The airport officials have mercy on me when I explain he’s a soldier and I’m crazy for him. “He may not make it back, he’s deploying.”
Pointed in the right direction, I sprint to his departure gate. His family standing close by the window, I know then he’s already boarded. I push past several onlookers to the wide expanse of glass standing between us.
I search, switching between his family and the plane, to gauge where he will be. My chest constricts as I get a glimpse of him for the first time in fatigues. He’s breathtaking. As my pride swells, I lay my hand on the window, reaching for him.
I begin to lose hope when his eyes suddenly dart to me. A smile growing on his face as I fight to dry mine. The plane begins to roll, and I follow it, never moving my hand from the clear barrier. When Riley raises his hand, pressing it against the glass, I fall to my knees.
My eyes never leave his face nor does my hand break our connection. I stay there as he taxi’s down the runway and lifts off. Leaving me. I push against the glass with both hands, hoping beyond all things I could break it and run after him.
I sit against the window, clutching my chest as if my heart has fallen from it until Walker picks me up from the floor. He carries me from the building, my life in ashes. Walker sits with me until I regain some semblance of composure. I’m not ever far from plummeting over the edge again.

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