Sunday, 23 July 2017

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At Last 
by Shayne McClendon

Thomasina (Tommy) Knight never lies to herself. She knows there will be no happy ending for someone like her. You can't choose your family and when you're stuck with the Devil himself for a father, your life is a ticking clock. 

She acts in desperation to get the resources she needs. Nothing can stand in the way of her plans. Her friend and infamous Manhattan Madame, Belinda (Bells) Karankova, agrees to help.

Gabriel and Julian are the gentlemen who become her benefactors. Men willing to pay any cost to be with her, to touch her. The catch? She must wear a blindfold at all times...and she isn't allowed to touch them.

There are moments in life that change everything you thought you knew about yourself, your history, and your future. Some of those moments are brutally painful. Others are a flame in the darkness. 

Enjoy Tommy's journey and say hello to some friends you might remember from The Barter System series. 

A contemporary romantic suspense story by Always the Good Girl, Shayne McClendon.

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