Tuesday, 25 July 2017

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Aiden’s smirk widens. “I’ll bite. What’s an Angler fish?”
    “They are a rare species. They live very deep in the sea and have extremely long dorsal fins. They use that organ to attract prey.”
    “Well, I definitely have a long organ and it attracts a good deal of prey.”
    I elbow him. “I’m serious.”
    “Your knowledge of creatures is astounding.”
    “I did watch a great deal of the Discovery Channel as a child.”
    “Lucky for me, I get to benefit from your vast education.”
    “Anyway the Angler is not a happy fish”
    “No, it’s mate-less, doomed to live a life alone weaving back and forth in the darkness of the sea.” I zigzag my hand to mimic the motion.
    “Isn’t it?”
    He leans towards me, the scent of his spicy cologne circling me. “What are you doing, Cooper?”
    “Just making casual observations.”
    “There’s nothing casual about it. You’re slut-shaming me and in a really weird way.”
    I almost choke. “What? No I’m not.” I replay what I’ve said. “Shit, I am. I’m slut-shaming you. I’m sorry.”

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