Friday, 27 January 2017


This really a debut novel?? Wow. I thought this was a great read. I've just sat and read it in one sitting and couldn't put it down. 

The prologue throws you right into the story. After reading the prologue I knew there was no way I was gonna read this in a few sittings. 

Ryann has been through so much. Too much. A young lifetime of nightmares has left her keeping clear of men. Until Cashel. He walked back into her life and changed everything. 

Is he strong enough to fight for what he wants? Can he build up those double layered walls she has built to protect herself?

If I had one negative it's that I didn't know if Ryann was male or female straight away. I know I'm being petty but I like to know what sex I'm reading about. This is just my personal view and takes nothing away from the story. 

A brilliant well written story. Good angst and some little twists that I didn't see coming has me giving this five stars. 

Looking forward to seeing what else this author has up her sleeve :) 

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