Friday, 27 January 2017

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Series: The Legacy Reborn, book 1
Author: Melissa Kay Clarke
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian
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One woman, one man, one Legacy, one chance to save them all.
Something malevolent stalks the world spreading chaos and discord, targeting those individuals who are destined to provide a great service to humanity. Most are not aware of their sinister plots, but one is. 
To the casual observer, Scarlet is only a bicycle courier, however, she is so much more. When the shadows lengthen and evil walks, she is judge and jury, exacting justice. Perhaps some may call it an honor but she calls it a curse because she can't have a family or friends and can't relinquish it until the day she dies. With no help, she muddles through best she can, hoping to make a difference at the price of her own happiness.
Gage Williams, Senior Detective, is searching for a mysterious vigilante who leaves behind a sea of destruction and a grateful public. When all the evidence points to Scarlet, he has to weigh it against his own heart. Is it possible the woman that has captured his attention is the one they are searching for?
When the Legacy calls, Scarlet must answer. 
Even if it costs her everything.

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