Wednesday, 12 July 2017

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“Hot Damn What A Read!!” - You Can’t Resista Dirty Book Blog
“My Gawd this book was incredible!!!” - Two Darlin' Dolls and a Book Review
“Fluff is Hot, Hot, Hot!! A Must Read!” - Joy Amazon Reviewer

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I used to be a slut.
Used to be, I think as I watch Dale at the counter of the small diner next to the hotel. He’s ordering me extra bacon with my stack of waffles. Frankly, I am flattered. First, he fucks me like he owns me, and then he feeds me like he wants to keep me. A simple gesture and yet, it means so much – his taking care of me. It has been so long since I have let someone in, and I wonder if I can open my heart. 
I am not sure I have a choice.
My plane leaves late this afternoon, and I am wanting to spend every second until then with the mysterious Dale Archer. He glances in my direction and smiles. He is a good-looking man in his Sunday best. I cinch my thighs together, thinking about what he would look like working at my ranch. Or in my bed. Or in my kitchen in pajama bottoms – no shirt of course – making me breakfast.
Our lives are so different though; I don’t know how to make this more than what it was. An easy one-night stand, though an unforgettable one. I almost squeal as he strides back to the table with a vanilla malt with whip cream, cherry, and two straws. He’s grinning at me as he sets it in front of me. 
I gush, “You are too sweet!” 

"She needs to escape.

His assistant hired me on a whim, thinking I would be just what he needed. Boy, was she right. I bounced into his dressing room and discovered the famous actor held dual personalities – a nasty player and the naughty gentleman.
I won’t say which one I fell in love with but when I least expected it, the bastard broke my heart. Now, fifteen years later, the last man to break me is the only one who can save me.

His heart takes her captive.

After an intense twelve-week love affair, I lost the only girl I ever loved—all to save her—to keep her safe. What she doesn’t know is I’ve been watching her every move, guarding her from a dangerous world she knows nothing about.

Keeping secrets for so long with only a promise, the wall I built around her crumbles to the ground. In the ruins, the only question that remains is… Will she still answer to me?

Ride or die in the love affair of Mae East & Cyclone Blonde."

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