Monday, 10 July 2017

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Nikky Kaye No Excuses 
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"I want all of you, not just the parts that you think are appropriate or safe."

Maddie's rules for attending a work retreat:

1. Pack the right clothes. Especially extra underwear.
2. Don’t try to school your insanely hot boss on acceptable trust exercises.
3. Be prepared for the extracurricular ropes course.
4. Make sure there is a safety net when you fall, because you will fall hard.

Gage doesn’t appreciate how hard it is to be his right hand woman—especially when I’m spending so much time with my own right hand, fantasizing about him. My demanding, control freak boss is testing all my limits, and I don’t know how long I can stay professional.

No Excuses is a steamy, full-length contemporary romance, featuring a billionaire and his sassy assistant, blindfolds, office hijinx, rope play, food fights, and sexy architectural features like wainscoting.

As in all Nikky Kaye books, cheating is not allowed! A little angst, some funny stuff, and a HEA are non-negotiable.


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