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This was a really lovely romantic story that gripped me throughout. Anya is a pretty strong character that needs to overcome her past so she can enjoy some happiness. You will need to read this story to see what happens. Would love to see what happens next but I did like the way this book ended. 

I found this quite a refreshing story as it was based in Jamaica. ... Although the lingo did have me thinking!!!!

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Just when Bentley Knight thought life was only about football and women, a Hail Mary pass comes at him, changing everything.


Forced to grow up faster than he wants, Bentley struggles with the responsibility of being a good example to his younger brother, on and off the football field, and pleasing his frustrated, demanding father. Just when he reaches his limit of complications, in walks a beautiful blond angel, endangering the delicate balance he’s finally found in his new life.  


When mistakes of his past threaten to derail his future, will Bentley be man enough to win the heart of the girl he once ridiculed in high school, who just happens to be the woman of his dreams?


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Falling For Bentley

By: Shawnte Borris



This has not been edited and may certainly change before publication. I hope that you all enjoy a little of Bentley!


One eye barely open, I glanced around the room, desperate for it to stop spinning. There’s a faint moan beside me, and when I carefully turned my head towards it, I saw brunette hair splayed across the pillow and down the back of a naked chick. My eyes slowly move down to the small of her back—my favorite part of a woman’s body.


I stopped when I recognized the Celtic tattoo and quickly lifted the sheet to see if I had my briefs on, I did. I slowly sat up to look for any evidence of last night’s shit show. No condom…no wrapper, thank God.  Lube and a vibrator? What the hell?

“What are you doing?” giggled Amanda as her cold claws rubbed my back. I tried to straighten out of her grip. “Baby relax, let’s finish what we started last night,” She whispered in my ear before kissing the side of my neck.

“Did we?”

“No, you passed out before the party really got started. I had to use my vibrator to finish the job.”

“Uh, sorry about that.” I pulled her hands off me.

“Why don’t you make it up to me, Bentley? Like the good ol’ days, back in high school. I miss this.” she growled, grabbing my dick.


I shot out of the bed and scrambled for my pants.

“Where are you going?” Amanda grabbed my shirt and threw it over herself.

“I...ah…I need to go.” I stuttered, trying to put my shoes on without falling flat on my face.

“Bentley.” Amanda whined, throwing my shirt at me.

Bang-Bang-Bang, “Bentley get your ass up. We gotta go.” Curtis yelled.

“Thank Christ.” I mumbled under my breath as I pulled my shirt over my head.


“That’s it? You’re going to leave me like this, wet and wanting you? Needing you to fill me?” moaned Amanda.

“Sorry, Amanda, but I gotta go. Curtis and I already made plans.”  I opened the door and looked at my best friend.

“Bentley Knight before you walk out that door, you better think long and hard. There will not be a third time.”

“There shouldn’t have been a second,” I toss over my shoulder and ducked just in time to miss a glass as it shattered on the wall in front of me. I closed the door and looked over to Curtis, laughing his ass off. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”




Author Bio:


Shawnté lives in central Alberta, with her husband Ricky of 10 amazing years and together they have two beautiful children. Somehow her husband has managed to trick her into running a cow/calf operation. As much as she fusses about it, she loves it.


When Shawnté is not sitting at her kitchen table hammering away on her laptop while watching the moose chase her cows across the yard, yes this really happens. Then she is busy attend school activities, community events and chauffeuring children here and there. She is big on playing softball and watching hockey.


When the time comes to relax, you will find her snuggled underneath her down comforter reading on her Ipad. Wait…who are we kidding, if the dishes, vacuuming, laundry or the bathrooms needs a hose down, you’ll always hear her say, “Just after this chapter.” She doesn’t have a favorite author or best story because everyday she falls in love with someone new.


Shawnté is technology challenged so you won’t find her on twitter (heaven knows she tried) or instagram – whatever this stuff is called. But she can work one hell of a facebook page  thanks for her fictitious assistant Lacy. Please go like her page and leave a review/star rating on the books she’s wrote.


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This book contains four great stories. 

The Interlude- this is the story of how Natalie and the oh so hot Zach met. Although short this is a lovely intense story. 

The Interpretation- this is a lovely fun sisterly story of Natalie and Chloe. 

The Intermezzo- Natalie and Zach. I loved this story. 

The Misinterpretation- in this story we read about Adam and Chloe. Another lovely story. 

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Another piece of art written by this author. 

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This is a lovely sweet romantic story. This is the story of Chloe and Adams life told in reverse which was a nice refreshing change. 

Chloe is a fantastic character. I think a lot of us will relate to her as she is so real and so lively. Thoroughly loved Adam. He is such an intense character. 

Never read anything by this author so this was both a surprise and a joy to read. 

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You've asked for them, some have even begged for more of the Walker twins. 'Banded Together' is a continuation of the Rebel Walking Series that will give you insight on Talon and Eaven'swedding as well as the rest of the characters in the series. Taronand Ivy are not left out of this one and you'll quickly see the banter between them remains.

The previous books in the Rebel Walking Series should be read before this one for the best experience and optimal character development.


"Hey, baby, I can't wait ‘til you're officially Mrs. Walker." His deep whisper pulls me out of my almost asleep state. I roll over to face him and even though it's dark, I watch his face. Nose to Nose. "I'm already yours. You know this." So much has happened since he proposed. We were going to wait another year, but Talon is ready to make it official. I love his urgency—I'm ready, too—but I don’t want to rush it with everything that’s going on with the band and the trial. Rebel Walking lost their spot on the tour when Taron was arrested. We've spent the last five months, either in court or in limbo, waiting for something to happen. A few months ago Taron was released from all charges, but the Walker's haven't rested while the trial for Dylan has been on going. Luckily, this morning he was found guilty on multiple counts of attempted rape, attempted murder and countless other offenses. He will be spending many years in prison, which is where he belongs. The instant relief when the verdict was read was so peaceful. We should be celebrating, but everyone is too exhausted to do anything today.

"I know, but I want the world to know."

"They do. Are you kidding me? We're always together."

"We could just do something small at the lake house. We could walk down to the beach and get married next to the water—just have our family and the crew there to share it with us. Avery can be the flower girl. I’d have Taron, Holden, and Luke on my side and of course you’d have Ivy, Lilly, and Macy on yours."

 "You have this all planned out, don't you?" I sit up in bed and begin to think of all the stuff I'll need to do to pull this off.

"All of the important stuff, I do." He rolls onto his back, pulling my hands toward him. "Come here, baby."

I work my way into a straddle on top of the man who holds my whole heart. "We're not going to stress over this. Let's just keep it simple." I let his words soak in. I can't wait to be Mrs. Talon Walker and it really isn't my style to have a huge wedding, anyway. I figured he would've wanted one, but I'm relieved he doesn't. "Simple. I like it." His hands begin to roam over my body and I take the opportunity to rotate my hips just right so that he feels my warmth. Sleeping naked has its benefits.

"You wicked, wicked woman. Don't you dare tease me." His fingers pinch my nipples as he thrusts upward, reminding me what he's packing. His erection moves right where I want it to. "Oh, I'm not teasing." My breathy voice amuses him. "What's so funny?" This time it's my impatience that's obvious. "You're always so ready for me. You never disappoint."

"Damn straight. Have you ever seen yourself?" I lower my mouth to his chest and begin nibbling over his chest and neck. His hands continue to roam over my body, sending chills in every direction. My hair falls over my face and he uses his hand to swipe it to one side. I feel his hand leave me and his body stretch toward the nightstand right before he flicks on the light. He loves to watch me during sex. It strikes me to the depths of my soul when he does this. His stare pierces straight through my body the entire time. It's raw and so real, but I love it.

I lift my torso back up and watch him tuck his arms beside his head. My fingers run over and through the ridges of his defined stomach. He works hard to stay sculpted and I never miss the opportunity to truly appreciate his efforts.

My fingers follow the muscles straight to where our hips meet. I slowly lift my hips and enjoy that his shaft lifts to the exact spot I need it to be. Sliding down onto him, I close my eyes and love the feeling of him filling me completely. With my hands splayed across his abs, I begin to move slowly.

My focus on how he feels is consuming me. I open my eyes to watch him, not surprised when I find him staring deep into my eyes. Keeping my eyes locked with his, I continue my motions. He allows me to move completely on my own; I love when he gives me control.

~Eaven in 'Banded Together' (Rebel Walking #2.5)

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The Rebel Walking Series

In a Heartbeat

Eaven Bennett is a college student with a passion for photography. She has high hopes of completing college and starting a new life as she moves away from her hometown with her best friend, Ivy Adams. Her last boyfriend ruined any chance of her trusting ever again.

Talon Walker is the dark and intriguing drummer for the up and coming band ‘Rebel Walking’. A tragedy in his past has left him empty with no desire for a relationship. That is until he meetsEaven.

One minute your heart is filled with love, the next your entire life comes crashing down. Everything can change in a heartbeat. Can Eaven and Talon overcome the obstacles in their way and find love?

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Heaven Sent

The Rebel Walking Series continues with Taron and Ivy's story, Heaven Sent. The explosive chemistry that these two share ignites a relationship of epic proportions.

He has been dubbed 'the panty stealer', but Taron Walker has his eyes set on the beautiful, full of life, Ivy Adams. Ivy doesn't usually put up with the player type, yet there is something about Taron that has her intrigued. Taron must leave to go on tour with Rebel Walking and Ivy will be left to face serious struggles on her own. Will she reach out to Taron for help, or will she push him away? Can these two find happiness in each other's arms, or will they tear each other's world apart?


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About the Author


Hilary Storm lives with her high school sweetheart and three children in Enid, Oklahoma. She drives her husband crazy talking about book characters everyday like they are real people. She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with an MBA in Accounting and has a full time job as an accountant. Her passions include being a mom, writing, reading, photography, music, mocha coffee, and spending time with friends and family. She is the author of the International Best Selling 'Rebel Walking' series. Book one: 'In a Heartbeat' was released June 2013, Book two: 'Heaven Sent' was released in September 2013. Book 2.5: 'Banded Together' released Jan 2014.





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Missing Pieces review

This is my third book by this author and I just love her books. 

This is the story of Blaine and Maddie. Both have had a nightmare childhood. They are such strong characters yet need a friend at times. This book had me cringing at times. I look at my 17 year old and think there is no way she could handle what is thrown at Blaine and Maddie. 

Loved the storyline and the shocks the author throws at me through this book. 

Totally recommend this stand alone book. 

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Goodbye Girl review

This is a truly lovely romantic story. I so love a story with a hunky cowboy:)

Rachel's running from her past and ends up finding peace at a ranch. I just love Colin & his family. In my head they are the ideal family living on a ranch:) 

What a bonus that this isn't a cliff hanger but there will be more in this series:)

I've not read any books from this author before but I'll definetly be looking into her other books. 

Received in return for an honest review.

A Woman Gone Mad review

Blimey what have I just read!!! This was a truly emotional story that had me totally gripped.

This is Lillian's heartbreaking story. There is so much in this story I don't know where to begin. This is a must read. 

Lillian's heart breaks when her first true love unexpectedly leaves. From this her life becomes a rollercoaster of heartaches that she tried to deal with. 

Loved this story so much. 

Received in return for an honest review.

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Release day

Undercover Drug Task Force Agent Samantha Walker lives in a filthy, degenerative world where the good and bad guys aren't always clear cut. Tasked with a desire to free the world from its self-induced disaster Sam a.k.a Angel chooses to be locked in a culture most only hope to escape. Using her God-given talents she will manipulate her way into the inner circle of the Southeast's most notorious drug cartel.

During her time inside, Sam knows exposing her real life isn't an option and she's fully aware of the consequences if anyone discovers her true identity.

Unfortunately Sam lets her guard down when she establishes real relationships with the wrong people. She finds something unexpected and her heart leads her into doing things she normally wouldn't allow. Could something like bending the rules cause her two worlds to collide? After paid hits, an attempt on her life and losing something precious Sam's world shatters and her only solace is a new job offer that allows her to return home to Willow Island.

Will distance, time and surrounding herself with loved ones be enough to allow Sam to heal and rebuild her life? Can she find a loophole in this serendipitous story and get her happily ever after?

Author Bio:

New Adult Author of the All Series, Marie Wathen is a wife, mother of two and a Lola (her version of grandmother). When she isn’t writing, her other career is on the nightshift. Marie is a fourteen year veteran dispatcher at her local Sheriff’s Office. The SO is where she met her husband Barry, patrolman. Born and currently living in Central Alabama, she enjoys a serene life in the country, but lives for the excitement of traveling to large cities.

Besides writing, some of Marie’s other passions include reading, traveling, and family time that includes southern home-cooking and Italian feasts. Although Marie has been a storyteller her entire life, Be All is her first publication. Marie’s genre includes, but is not limited to, Romantic Suspense. She is currently collaborating on a Romantic Paranormal Thriller that will release in 2014. Also, look for No Details, releasing as a short story in the Novel Grounds Anthology, All Our Love in March 2014, and then rereleasing as a full length novel in spring 2015.


More books by Marie

Be All (Book #1, All series/Breesan)

All Is Lost (Book #2, All series/Breesan)



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My review of The Barter System

Oh my dayz!! I received this for a blog tour & I'm so glad I did.

Riya O’Connell requests applications from men around the country willing to participate in the research she needs for her dissertation on Male Sexuality. This is the start of an emotional and exploratory journey for her. 

I totally loved Riya. Such a strong character. 

As for the men they were totally hot... All of them. Although Riya left a little piece of her heart with each of them she became stronger as the time passed. 

Although at first I found this a bit surreal I totally loved this book. Storyline was brilliant and I was totally delighted that this was a long story. I had to message author during part of it to say she made me cry!! I really didn't want it to end. However I loved the ending. 

This is the first book I've read by this author but it won't be the last. I was totally glued to this book.

Dirty Little Lies

This is the first book I've read by this author &

It certainly won't be the last. 

Ok let's get the only negative I find about this book... The description/synopsis of this book does not do this book any justice. 

Positives... It's a bloody brilliant book. I really don't want to say much as the surprise element of this book totally surprised me & I want they for you too. 

I will say this book has a hot male and a hot female. The sex is great in this book. 

Highly recommend this book. 

Received in return for an honest review.

Hudson review

I loved The Barter System but if it's possible I loved this even more. Be warned... Make sure you got time to read all this as you won't want to leave it for even a minute.

One of the great things about this book is we get to read more about the characters from The Barter System. The characters in this book are fantastic. The story gripped me from the start to the finish. It was non stop action in  this book. Did I mention Hudson is oh so hot?? They females are also fit as f**k. 

I HIGHLY recommend this book. 

Why oh why have I not heard of this author before? I could keep gushing about this author but instead I'm gonna go see what other books she's written. 

Received in return for honest review.