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#NewRelease #Giveaway ➠ Ace of Spades (Old Money Roulette Trilogy #3) by Natalie Bennett- Author
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Queen of Diamonds - Available Now
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King of Hearts - Available Now
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Wealth. Power. Privilege.
His empire. Her dynasty.

What happens when the role you pretended to play becomes your reality?

Mateo Remmington is the elite king of a clandestine world brimming with sex, violence, and drugs.

He's cunning, corrupt, and possessive to the point of insanity.

I've just become his wife, his sole obsession.

He’s my addiction, my one and only vice.

And together, we play a game of ruin, murder, and betrayal, doing whatever it takes to win.

18+ Contains scenes some readers may find objective and various dark themes.
Book 3 in the old money trilogy. Queen Of Diamonds and King Of Hearts must be read prior.


Oh my dayz. This was an awesome read, a great ending. Wow I applaud the author on this amazing read. 

This is book three and the conclusion of this series. Make sure you read the previous books or your gonna be completely lost. Anyway it’s so good your gonna want to read them all. I read this in one sitting , as I have done with the previous books. There’s just no way I could put it down. 

Any questions we had are answered very well in this book. Loose ends are dealt with and we end up with a superb trilogy. 

I seriously wish it wasn’t the end but I’m happy with the ending. Mateo and Elena are fantastic characters. The sexy scenes with them are off the charts hot. 

Can’t wait to see what else this author has up her sleeve:) 

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Fiona Gibson
The Mum Who’d Had Enough
The voice of modern women is back! Perfect for fans of Milly Johnson and Carole Matthews.

‘More than funny, it’s true!’ Elle
After sixteen years of marriage, Nate and Sinead Turner have a nice life. They like their jobs, they like their house and they love their son Flynn. Yes, it’s a very nice life.

Or, at least Nate thinks so. Until, one morning, he wakes to find Sinead gone and a note lying on the kitchen table listing all the things he does wrong or doesn’t do at all.

Nate needs to show Sinead he can be a better husband – fast. But as he works through Sinead’s list, his life changes in unexpected ways. And he starts to wonder whether he wants them to go back to normal after all. Could there be more to life than nice?

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As I near Hesslevale, I make a few firm decisions. Whatever happens tonight, no matter how upset and defensive I feel, I must not let any of that out. I’ll listen to my wife, and show that I don’t intend to take her for granted ever again – not that I ever have! Why does she even think this when I love her madly? WHY? Maybe it’s sex: i.e., we’ve not been having enough lately. Perhaps she thinks I don’t fancy her anymore, which patently isn’t true. In fact, we actually did it a few nights ago, which seemed to surprise us both – and it was lovely, as it always is. But all too often, we’re too knackered to do anything other than fall asleep when we climb into bed. Should we just forget our ‘meeting’ this evening and go straight upstairs, tell Flynn we’re tired? Would that fix everything?
Stopping at red lights on the edge of town, I try to disentangle my racing thoughts. A new restaurant has opened, called Elliot’s. I know it’s eye-wateringly expensive, but Eric and his wife Sarah have raved about how lovely it is. Maybe I should suggest dinner here sometime?
By the time I pull up in our street, I’ve almost managed to convince myself that Sinead just needs a damn good rant – then she’ll feel much better. However, the very fact that she is coming around at a specified time – 8 p.m. – makes it feel less like a ‘chat’ and more like court.
Your honour, I only decided to build the shelves myself because the quote that joiner gave was frankly astronomical …
I find Flynn in his room, emitting distinct ‘do not disturb’ vibes. We eat dinner together at the kitchen table, in a rather stilted atmosphere, my slimy noodles and ageing babycorn clearly failing to delight him, even with a liberal dousing of oyster sauce. In fact, Flynn seems to be merely combing his noodles with his fork. Given the circumstances – and the fact that he is virtually a fully grown man – it doesn’t feel right to tell him to stop playing with his food.
We clear up together, although it hardly seems worth the effort with just two bowls and one wok. As Flynn disappears back to his room, I try to occupy myself in our Sinead-less home by shining up the cooker hob and emptying the kitchen bin and then, when I can think of no other tasks to attend to, pacing randomly around the ground floor.

Finally – FINALLY! – here she comes, knocking lightly on the door (why is she knocking? This is her house too!). ‘Hi?’ she calls out, stepping into the hallway now, as if she were a neighbour popping in to ask to borrow a cup of sugar. No one borrows sugar anymore, I realise as I hurry through to greet her. Everyone has plenty of sugar of their own … ‘Hi, Nate,’ she says as Scout scrambles past me in order to throw himself at her. You can’t move out. Look how much he loves you!


Genre: spiritual/paranormal/self-help

Release Date: 25/06/18

Publisher: Satori Publishing

This is an extraordinary book that tells the story of the author's journey from a place of darkness to one of light.  You will experience a roller coaster ride of extreme highs and lows as he takes your hand and leads you on a guided tour into the depths of depression and despair.  Whilst there you will feel his pain, you will be impressed by his brutal honesty and you will also laugh… a lot!  You will then ascend; out of the darkness and into the love.

This is not just another run-of-the-mill book on the paranormal; it is also an essential guide for daily living.  Author Richard F Holmes bares his soul as he gives the reader an insight into a medium's work and life on the road, his well over 200 out-of-body experiences and how he has experienced different realms of existence and interacted with discarnate souls.  Incredibly, he then explains how it all pales into insignificance as life starts to reveal its true meaning.

"As I take the reader through each stage of my journey from childhood to present day, I have tried to write from the perspective of the mind-set and understanding that I had at the time.  The idea is that the reader evolves with the writer through mutual experience. Although I have refrained from using bad language, the language I have used reflects who I am; after all, you can take the boy out of North London, but you can never take North London out of the boy".

The beauty of this book however, is the central message that the author conveys via his writing.  In life you do not have to be a victim.  Each and every one of us is powerful beyond our imagination.  It is only the thought that we are not that makes us victims.  Eyesight To The Blind is an exciting and powerful book that really needs to be read from cover to cover, it combines the paranormal with spirituality, but it is also a practical guide for daily living.





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A Londoner by birth, Richard now lives in the South West of England.  He has written 13 books in the spiritual/self-help genre and also produced eight CDs; five of meditation and three of mantra chanting.  However, he has removed most of his prior work from circulation as he feels that it no longer represents who he is today.  As well as being a writer, Richard works in a hospice.  He is also an artist when he gets the inspiration, and worked as a medium for 17 years.
Since the so-called “shift” at the end of 2012, Richard has had what he describes as, “a series of eureka moments”, where life has started to reveal its true meaning.  As a result, he saw the futility of continuing his work as a medium and finally gave it up early in 2018.
Richard’s influences are, Ramana Maharshi, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Paramahansa Yogananda, Osho and Rupert Spira.






It’s the year 2050 and it’s possible for people to literally walk a mile in someone else's shoes. Enter Hetti, eighteen, and fresh out of training college, joining the police force alongside her best friend Layla. She’s excited about finally getting to do some practical work after spending so long talking about it in college.

Except her first cases are throwing up a few confusing signs. Is it possible that someone is using the Walk A Mile software to kill? And if they are, can Hetti find them before they find her? 


Joey Paul is an indie author, exploring the young adult crime genre. She has released twelve books in total so far, with the thirteenth due out in 2018. Her current works include the "Dying Thoughts" series, which is eight books. She usually writes crime and mystery fiction, with a paranormal twist, but she has been known to dabble in contemporary romance and general fiction. She is writing her twenty-third and twenty-fourth books at the moment, having recently finished her last two. 

Joey is disabled and a graduate from The Open University with a BA (Hons) in Health & Social Care. When not reading medical textbooks, she enjoys reading crime novels, medical dramas and young adult novels. When she's out and about, she likes looking for Tupperware in the woods with GPS satellites, otherwise known as geocaching. And when she's not doing THAT, she's sleeping! She's 36 and has been writing since she was retired from her job on medical grounds at the age of 19. She plans to write for as long as she has ideas or until someone tells her to stop! 










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♡☇ Restless Storm COVER REVEAL☇♡

The cover for Jamie Summer's first Contemporary Romance is here! “Restless Storm” is available for #PREORDER for only #99p >>

Imagine losing everything you loved. Could you go on?

After her father’s death in an unexpected storm, Madeleine Core knew she needed to leave her home behind. The island of Crystal Cove, surrounded by the very element that killed her only family, reminded her too much of the things she lost. Not even one special person could convince her to stay. Now, two years later, a devastating phone call changes everything.

When a storm threatens to destroy the only place that feels like home, Jake Barron knows he needs to do everything in his power to protect the people who saved him. Including Maddy, the one who left him—and everyone else on this island—and never looked back. Seeing her again after two years brings back painful memories for both of them, the betrayal and hurt as fresh as the unresolved feelings they have for each other.

Maddy is forced to go back to the one place she vowed to never see again—and face the person she left behind without so much as a word. As the deadly storm moves on Crystal Cove, Maddy and Jake try to find a way to fight their fears and doubts. Sometimes two people determined to stay away from each other need a push, but what if their second chance is just as restless as the storm blowing in?

Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter 
Genre: Erotica 
Meet Richard Martin. Tall, dark and handsome; he's well mannered, married to his beautiful university sweetheart, works in a job he can't stand with people who infuriate him, and so sexually frustrated he's about ready to blow like Mount Vesuvius...
Enter Rebecca, Scarlet and Samantha, three sirens sent by god to plague and tempt him. Will he be able to do what's right and resist their advances, or will these temptresses lure him to the rocks?
In this first volume in Dark Inferno's sizzling new series: Sweet Temptations, A naughty babysitter sets out to seduce her man. No matter what his wife might think, sweet and innocent, but also seductive and sexy, this tempting siren will rock your world while babysitting your kids and she is determined to lure her man into her bed...
***This story contains descriptions of sexual content, for 18+ Adults only***
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My Name Is Human

When your loneliness means your work becomes your obsession. What happens when that obsession becomes real? What happens when the virtual becomes flesh? Sci-Fi meets horror in this terrifying exploration of human dependency and dystopian ideas turned upside down. One man finds out what happens when the lines between humanity and electronic blur. Is emotion a solely human trait? Or can it be attained? Can a computer have a soul? This terrifying novella from the 2016 SIBA award-nominated author Rob Shepherd doesn't hold back the horrifying possibilities of the answer to these questions.

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Dark Worlds.
A small collection of 6 short stories. Each with its own darkness, born of a desire of one kind or another. For some it is the desire of the unknown, for others, it is desire through obsession. Each short story is its own volume in the twisted library of desire. Each story a gateway to their new reality. Each, now a part of the book.

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A Rescue Series Novella; Book 3
Publish Date: June 25, 2018
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Cover Design by: MadHat Books (
Photography: CJC Photography (
Model: Daniel Rengering (

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**On Kindle Unlimited

When danger comes calling, he answers.


My Oath never dies. I gave it willingly. I served my country with love and honor. When my time with the Navy was over, I came home and started a new journey.

My brothers and I protect and serve our community. We are the men in blue who protect the ones who cannot protect themselves.

Kennedy needs me to be that man for her and be that man I shall be.


I never thought I would be that girl - the one who has lost her way in the world. He did that to me. He took it all away, and now I’m fighting to stay in control of my life.

My will to be me was taken away. Until Max came back into my life. He took a broken, shell of a woman and made her whole again.

My love for him will never fade.


Kennedy’s POV
“There ya go, darlin, now do your face,” he said, standing.
“Thank you.” I smiled softly up at him. His dimpled grin made my ovaries do a damn happy dance. It was like he had me under his spell. One I wasn’t sure I wanted to break free of.
He used the bottle to fill his palm again and rubbed lotion into his own skin. As his hand skimmed along his arms and shoulders my mind fogged over. I followed the movements of his hands across each and every muscle. They rippled like a snake moving across the sand. I moaned and, as the mortification of what I had just done sank in, I turned around quickly. I pulled my shades off and tossed them to the blanket. My feet moved quickly out towards the water. I needed to cool down, now.
“Hey, wait up, woman,” I heard Jenn call from behind me. She grabbed my hand and I used her being there to calm my nerves. Jesus, what was that man doing to me? “Wanna talk about it?” she asked softly.
With a heavy sigh I leaned my shoulder against hers. “I like him, okay? He makes my girly parts-”
“Ew, that’s my brother. I don’t need to know what he does to your girly parts, okay? I mean, gross. Remember our TMI rule,” she pretended to gag as she laughed.
I shoved her playfully away from me. Bitch!
“Sorry, but seriously. Everytime he looks at me something inside of me melts. That’s all it takes, Jenn. One frigging look and I’m a puddle of goo.”
“Aww... well, yeah I get it. I’m the same way with Hunter.” The happy sigh that left her lips made me smile. I wrapped my arm around hers and nodded.
“He’s good for you,” I said, stating the obvious.
“Well then, my bubba is good for you. Y’all need to just go for it, go out together, have some fun. He’s got the hots for you. A sister knows these things,” Jenn said. I gave her a hard look and shook my head.
“I can’t, not after Eric,” My voice shook with the onslaught of emotion his memory brought me.
“My brother is nothing like that asshole! Don’t you dare compare anyone in this group to that asshole, Kennedy Elise!” I went wide-eyed at her standing here, on the open beach, all but yelling at me. I sighed and turned from her. She wouldn’t understand. She couldn’t.
“No, you’re not turning away from me. You put up with so much from that- that- asshole! You didn’t deserve the things he did to you. You are better than that. If I had known before you told me, I would have charged in and gotten you out of that. No man, and I mean no man, has the right to make you feel inferior in any way.”
“It’s not his fault, it’s mi-”
“I swear, if you finish that sentence, I will hit you! It was entirely his fault! He hit you. He broke something inside of you. None of this was your fault. Are you dense? You did nothing to deserve being talked down to. You did nothing to deserve being hit on. He was just another big bully who suffers from little-man syndrome and a little limp dick!”
She was breathing heavy as she got the last words out. I sniffled and wiped tears from my eyes. I really did love this woman. She was more than just my best friend, she was the ying to my yang.
“I know that, but-”
“No!!” She shrieked. A long grunt of frustration leaving her mouth.
“Stop,” I pleaded.
“I just want to shake you!” she ground out.
“I want to beat the shit out of whoever hurt you.” The voice that came from behind me had me turning with a gasp. My eyes met the furious gaze of Maximus. The others were behind him, the look of rage covered their faces as well. I shook my head and swallowed hard.
“I’m fine. He’s gone. I’m going for a swim.” I walked off before any of them could say more. I was mortified. God! How much of that had he, they, heard? With a heavy sigh I walked out into the water and, as soon as it was deep enough, I dove down and started kicking.
The water would clear my mind. It always did.

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~Meet Barb Shuler~

I’m a Carolina Girl by right and a Texan by birth... so I have a Texas-sized temper. Living and working in both states I’ve learned a lot about hard work, adapting to your surroundings and making the best of the path that you have been led down. My grandma Dollie once told me I would know what I was meant to do when it happened. She was right, as always.
​As with most book lovers, I am an avid reader. Reading has always been a hobby - a passion, really. Reading helps to expand the perimeters of one's mind. That is what got me to start writing as a kid. If I had paper...or a wall... I was writing. Words are a part of us all. Why not use them, right?
During the day I work as a ‘desk jockey’ and help the residents of my county navigate themselves around our little, but not too little country town. By night I am either blogging, doing PA work for some of my favorite authors or I am fighting with the voices in my head. (They can be stubborn at times.) It’s a way to cope and make the troubles of the day disappear, if only for a few hours. It’s a blessing and I am cherishing every moment. For that which is my creation, may become someone else's treasure.
Tomorrow is never guaranteed so I want to make sure I live the day as fully as possible.

~ Connect with Barb here ~
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STALKER, Lisa Stone

Someone is always watching…

Derek Flint is a loner. He lives with his mother and spends his evenings watching his clients on the CCTV cameras he has installed inside their homes. He likes their companionship – even if it’s through a screen.

When a series of crimes hits Derek’s neighbourhood, DC Beth Mayes begins to suspect he’s involved. How does he know so much about the victims’ lives? Why won’t he let anyone into his office? And what is his mother hiding in that strange, lonely house?

As the crimes become more violent, Beth must race against the clock to find out who is behind the attacks. Will she uncover the truth in time? And is Derek more dangerous than even she has guessed?

A spellbinding crime novel from the worldwide bestseller Cathy Glass, writing as Lisa Stone.


Lisa Stone has taken stalking to a new level with her latest novel. I read this in one afternoon as I couldn’t put it down. 

Derek is a middle aged man living at home with his mother. He doesn’t have it easy with her. He installs security systems for a living. At night he watches them secretly. 

I really enjoyed the storyline. I felt it was really thought out. I highly recommend this read. I’m really looking forward to reading more from this author. 

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