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One Must Die - blog tour



I have both your sons, Mr Levitt. One of them must die. You choose.

Widower Sean Levitt receives the ominous message in the post a few days after his teenage boys go missing on their way to army cadets. As time progresses, the abductor makes increasingly terrible demands of Sean by sending him shocking DVDs, and telling him to post videos of his ‘assignments’ on Facebook.

One Must Die is the shocking story of one man’s fight to keep his sons alive, and the terrible lengths he must go to in order to do so.

Can Sean do what the police have failed to do and find his sons?

Or will the abductor achieve his twisted aim of destroying his entire family?  

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This author has become a favourite of mine. As soon as I realise he has a new book coming out I wait rather impatiently to read it. 

Sean Levitts worst nightmare has come through when his sons Ben and Peter don’t come home. The story takes a turn for the worst when Sean receives confirmation that his sons have been taken. 

I pulled an all nighter with this story.. I started one evening and didn’t put my kindle down until I’d finished. Yes this was that kinda read. 

One Must Die is another excellent read by this author.. I highly recommend you read this story..crikey go read all his stories as they are oh so good. 

Review: One Must Die

One Must Die One Must Die by Mark Tilbury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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While Nobody is Watching - blog tour



While Nobody Is Watching

A semi-inflated football and a curious little girl.

They called it peacekeeping. For Corporal Lindsey Ryan it was anything but.

It’s been three years since that bright day in the Golan Heights and the explosion which killed two and changed the survivors forever.

Now Lindsey deals with the many problems of the city’s troubled youth, to distract her from her own. But as damp days turn to night the kids return home, or somewhere like it, and she returns to 

her own private war. One that exists solely for her.

Certain that she’s being watched and certain that she’s losing her mind, Lindsey battles with the demons of post traumatic stress, while a very real threat edges ever closer until she finds herself face to face with someone who wants nothing more than to finally help her to die.

And it’s the last person she ever could have seen coming.

Blue helmets and blurred lines - While Nobody is Watching delves into the dark world of PTSD and a 

battle scarred soldier struggling to find a place in her new world.

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While Nobody is Watching is my first but certainly not my last read by this author. Lindsey is suffering from ptsd after being seriously injured while on duty. While dealing with this she needs to deal with a stalker. She is a strong likeable character. 

When I wasn’t reading this story I was thinking about it.. a good sign that it’s grabbed me hook, line and sinker. 

This is a really well written thought provoking story that will stay with me for a long time. 

Author Bio –

Michelle Dunne wore a Blue Helmet in South Lebanon with B Company the Irish army and the UN, probably in that order.

She now lives in Cobh with her husband, daughter and a cast of characters waiting to be written about. 

Michelle was one of those sporty types growing up, all bony elbows and knees, and as she lived on an island, it stood to reason she’d spend her first couple of decades taking in the salty, seaweedy air 

at the local rowing club (not the serene looking, posh rowing, but the other kind, undertaken by hardy fishermen). 

This was where she learned just about everything she ever needed to know about anything. They brought home the County’s, All-Ireland’s were won, but the banter on the bus was always the real 

prize. From there it made sense that she’d leave town and join another club/asylum and found herself wearing a blue helmet somewhere in South Lebanon. 

She’d become attached to the UN, but more importantly, to B-Company, the boldest, brightest, bravest the Irish army had to offer. She called them lots of other names too, but only to their faces. 

As tracer rounds lit up the sky above her and artillery rained down, she learned the words of every patriotic Irish song ever written and how to smile, laugh, and joke about things that would otherwise have you curled in a ball, rocking back and forth in the corner of the room. 

Once her eyes had been opened and she returned to Irish soil, Michelle was promoted and following a spell back at college, is now a part of a company providing physiotherapy and staff training in nursing homes and hospitals all over Munster. A slower pace, but still an unruly bunch when they want to be. She’s back living on the island of Cobh with her husband Dominic and their daughter 

Emily and the hundreds of colourful characters waiting to make their way onto a piece of paper. 

While Nobody is Watching is Michelle’s third book, which draws from her military experiences and the types of relationships that form within its ranks.

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Review: Fierce King: a Billionaire, Dark Mafia Romance

Fierce King: a Billionaire, Dark Mafia Romance Fierce King: a Billionaire, Dark Mafia Romance by Ivy Mason
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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The Last Days of Us - blog tour



The Last Days of Us

They say if you love someone, you have to let them go. But what they are your child?

All Sarah McIntyre has ever wanted was a loving, happy family. So when her husband JP announces on Christmas Day that he is leaving her and their two children, 9 year old Harry and 4 year old Robyn, Sarah is left reeling.But things are set to get worse when Robyn is diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.

Can JP and Sarah unite to fight their biggest battle yet? or will they be on opposing sides once again?

With the couple at loggerheads and with Robyn's condition deteriorating day-by-day, precious time is running out and JP is getting desperate…

The Last Days of Us is a tender story of hope and forgiveness that asks the question how far would you go to save your child?

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I cannot believe this is my first read by this author… what was I thinking lol 

The Last Days of Us is a well written women’s fiction that tore my heart apart. 

Sarah is a strong courageous character that I really liked. She felt that her world fell apart when her husband left her and their two children. When their youngest child Robyn is diagnosed with a brain tumour she needs to do what is best for her daughter. 

If your looking for a well written story with plenty of feels then I highly recommend this story. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author in the future. 

Author Bio: 

Caroline Finnerty is an Irish author of heart-wrenching family dramas and has published four novels and compiled a non-fiction charity anthology. She has been shortlisted for several short-story awards and lives in County Kildare with her husband and four young children. Her first title for Boldwood is The Last Days of Us, to be published in June 2021.

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Review: Dark Lies

Dark Lies Dark Lies by Clarissa Wild
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Mirrorland -blog tour



“Dark and devious... Beautifully written and plotted with a watchmaker’s precision.” — Stephen King

“A dark, twisty, and richly atmospheric exploration of the power of imagination” —Ruth Ware, author of One by One and The Woman in Cabin 10

With the startling twists of Gone Girl and the haunting emotional power of Room, Mirrorland is a thrilling work of psychological suspense about twin sisters, the man they both love, and the dark childhood they can’t leave behind.

Cat lives in Los Angeles, far away from 36 Westeryk Road, the imposing gothic house in Edinburgh where she and her estranged twin sister, El, grew up. As girls, they invented Mirrorland, a dark, imaginary place under the pantry stairs full of pirates, witches, and clowns. These days Cat rarely thinks about their childhood home, or the fact that El now lives there with her husband Ross.

But when El mysteriously disappears after going out on her sailboat, Cat is forced to return to 36 Westeryk Road, which has scarcely changed in twenty years. The grand old house is still full of shadowy corners, and at every turn Cat finds herself stumbling on long-held secrets and terrifying ghosts from the past. Because someone—El?—has left Cat clues in almost every room: a treasure hunt that leads right back to Mirrorland, where she knows the truth lies crouched and waiting...

A twisty, dark, and brilliantly crafted thriller about love and betrayal, redemption and revenge, Mirrorland is a propulsive, page-turning debut about the power of imagination and the price of freedom.


Yikes … what a story. As a blogger I crave a unique storyline and this is what I got with Mirrorland. 

Twins Cat and Eli invented an imaginary place called Mirrorland when they were younger. When Eli goes missing Cat returns home where forgotten memories come back to haunt her. We also read of the girls in the past in Mirrorland. 

This was a very interesting page turner that I thoroughly enjoyed. I kept reading as I needed to know more. 

This is a well written story with plenty of twists and turns. I can’t wait to read more from this author. 

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My Secrets to Keep - new release


🔥 𝐍𝐄𝐖 𝐑𝐄𝐋𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐄 → My Secrets to Keep by Laura Greenwood is 𝐋𝐈𝐕𝐄



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Rules are made to be long as it stays a secret.

The moment I meet Lucas Spencer, I know falling for him will end with a broken heart.

As a Princess at the prestigious Rosewood Academy, I'm here to keep my head down and study, not to fall in love with a commoner.

Especially when the secrets between us could risk destroying me.

When the truth comes to light, I have to decide if I trust him.

Or if he's just going to hurt me again.


My Secrets To Keep is a royal contemporary academy romance. It is inspired by the Twelve Dancing Princesses Fairy Tale.

My review

I absolutely love fairytales so this was a dream to read. 

Sophia is royalty sent to Rosewood Academy with her brother Archie. She gets more than she ever thought possible when she meets Lucas. I found this to be a nice read that I enjoyed. 

I’m looking forward to reading more of these fairytales and hope to read more from the Rosewood Academy. 



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The Wright Choice by Kristy Gibs Release: June 18, 2021


Stop My Bleeding Heart by Victoria Anders Release: June 22, 2021


Honor Thy Father by Nancy Chastain Release: June 25, 2021


Pretty Little Pieces by Sonya Jesus Release: June 29, 2021



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Review: Tasting Innocence

Tasting Innocence Tasting Innocence by Isabel Lucero
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Review: The Reaper Incarnate

The Reaper Incarnate The Reaper Incarnate by C.A. Rene
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Review: Sancte Diaboli: Part Two

Sancte Diaboli: Part Two Sancte Diaboli: Part Two by Amo Jones
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The Web They Wove- blog tour



The Web They Wove

Not all killers are who they first seem..

The mutilated body of a young female is found in a popular recreation ground in Leeds city centre. DI Ziggy Thornes and his team are at once assigned to close the case. 

With little to no forensic evidence left at the scene at first Ziggy struggles to put the pieces together. 

When a second body turns up in the same place, Ziggy starts to feel the pressure from his bosses and the media as fear spreads through the city. 

Realising that victims have been held captive prior to their deaths, Ziggy delves deeper and relentlessly chases down every lead, taking him close to breaking point.

When the investigation leads him dangerously close to home, will time run out before the tangled web of evil he’s uncovered destroys everything he holds dear? 

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Wow what a read!!! I loved this even more than her previous book.. if that’s at all possible. 

Ziggy- DI Andrew Thornes and his team have a race on their hands when a mutilated body turns up. 

I love how we get inside the killers thoughts.

 If your looking for a well written crime thriller then I highly recommend this gem. Now after that ending I’m really hoping we don’t have to wait too long for more.

Author Bio – Catherine Yaffe is a full-time writer of crime novels, based in the North of England. The Web They Wove is Catherine’s second novel and continues the theme of questioning how well we know those around us. Her debut novel ‘The Lie She Told’ in October ‘20 was received with widespread acclaim, and so far, has gained over 50 five star reviews across Goodreads and Amazon. 

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Review: The Web They Wove

The Web They Wove The Web They Wove by Catherine Skeet-Yaffe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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