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The Goodbye Man - my review

This book has me thinking what kinda warped mind I've got as I literally inhaled this book in one sitting... Maybe with a few little breathers to grab some alcohol lol 

As soon as I read the warning I couldn't resist reading it. However it didn't prepare me for the depths of darkness these two authors would take me to. On several occasions while reading this I couldn't believe what I was reading.

 I couldn't believe how much I wanted to devour this warped intense dark read. Does that make me warped??? Maybe it does lol however I read this as the erotic horror fiction that it is. 

Have I mentioned the ending? Oh my dayz. Speechless!!!

Please read this warning before you 1-click. If you like the dark warped kinda read then give this a go. Be warned its a twisted read that will push your boundaries for the dark side. 

Looking forward to reading more by these two fantastic authors. 

**Graphic content warning including detailed depiction of brutal, bloody acts. Physical and emotional abuse is also apparent throughout this book with graphic sex scenes, both consensual and non-sensual. Reader discretion is highly advised. Not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen or those who are easily offended by the above mentioned acts.**

My Biggest Mistake - my review

This is a truly beautiful and emotional story. I thought the author did a great job of portraying the characters as real. I loved that the storyline wasn't far fetched, that what happened in the story could easily happen in real life. 

This is the raw emotional story of Edie, a wife and a mum dealing with depression. I struggled with depression  for years so Edies story really touched my heart. 

I found myself reading this until early one morning. Luckily I didn't have to get up early the next day so I sat up and enjoyed. I found myself smiling and crying along with Edie. 

If your looking for a beautiful emotional read then I highly recommend this story. Loved it.

Beautiful Regret - my review

Oh wow. This series has me in a tizzy. As I read each book I love them even more. This story just blew me away. 

Lisa broke Gios heart years ago. He's never forgotten her. When Lisa needs his help he knows what he must do. Lisa's been through torture with her husband both physically and emotionally. 

After what Lisa did to Gio will he be able to trust her and believe her innocence?

Brilliant series. Can't wait to read the next book in the series. 

Beautiful Regret - book blitz

Beautiful Regret (Book 3)
Bounty Hunter Series:The Marino Bros.
MJ Nightingale



Lisa Rasmussen, formerly Lisa Raphael, has had enough of her manipulative abusive husband.  He has forced her to his will, tortured her both physically and psychologically, and she wants out.  Her sham of a marriage to Albert, son of the blue blooded Rasmussen’s of Manhattan, has to end. But, Albert has vowed to never give Lisa her freedom. He owns her. Body and soul.  Her plans to blackmail him to get out, will not go unpunished. Albert will strike first.
Gio Marino knows Lisa. He knows of Albert.  After all, Lisa left him to marry the son of the luxury classic car dynasty. So when Lisa calls him begging for help, he is floored.  Not only because she called him, but because of what she has been accused of.  Attempted murder! She had meant everything to him, but after what she did nearly a decade ago, he knows not to trust her, but the temptation to see her in an orange jumpsuit is just too hard to resist.
Lisa is full of regret.  She has a lot to feel guilty about.  But, she doesn’t have any one else to turn to.  She needs Gio.  He is the only one she can trust even though he might never be able to trust her again.
The minute he walks into Riker’s and sees her, he knows he has made a big mistake. The emerald eyes, the flawless skin, the fiery hair, bring it all back. Especially the regret. Can he help her? Does he want to? And why, after all these years, does he find her beauty so hard to resist?
Beautiful Regret is the third book in The Bounty Hunters - The Marino Bros.
Suspenseful, erotic, and romantic, these books are packed with passion, sex and characters you will love. What more could you want?

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The old man dropped his hand from Gio’s arm, and looked wistfully up the block towards his own house, just eight up from Gio’s.
“I used to watch her, Lisa, run to your house every day, in high school.  She was in love you know.  Back then, I thought it was a passing fancy.”  He closed his eyes at the memory.  “I remember her telling me she was going to marry you one day.  She was fourteen when she said it, and I laughed.  Then you kids had all those fights, and I took them so seriously.  You boys, good boys, I know that now, but you had your share of scrapes in the neighborhood.  I was a father of all girls.  What did I know?  I worried.  I heard stories.  But I didn’t keep in mind that you were just kids.”
“Sir, I don’t understand what you are trying to say?”  The old man was rambling and Gio knew he was trying to make a point. He wanted to move him along.  
“I should have never allowed her to marry that man.  I should have not even considered it.  But I was going to lose everything, and the Rasmussens, I owed them too.  They were a good family I thought, so rich, respected.  When Albert’s father approached me, it was a business deal.  I did not think.  I thought it was a step up, but I was wrong.  I saw bruises on my daughter’s arms once and I almost killed myself.”
Gio stood back, shocked, and the old man’s words grew harsher. He was practically spitting the words out.  Still he remained silent hearing the man out.
“That was about two years after Lisa married.  But Celia, I could not tell her.  I was mortified, and so ashamed.  I am not a man.  Then as Johnny grew up, and I recognized he was your son . . .”
“You knew?” Gio interrupted.  
“How could I not? I watched you grow up son, and I was even more ashamed of myself.” He went on.  “I never spoke my suspicions out loud.  Celia, she was mad enough already at me for my gambling.  To know her daughter was married to a man who beat her, had the son of her former lover, who she still yearned for, but had done this to keep a house over our heads, that was enough to bear. I could not tell her my suspicions.” The man held his hand up to his heart.  
Gio was afraid the man would have a heart attack. He had to stop him.  “Mr. Raphael. We all have our regrets.  I have mine too. I know I wasn’t perfect.  I made mistakes.” He sighed trying to think of what to say next. “I think we all need to just put the past behind us. Focus on the here and now.” He looked towards his house, where Lisa and Johnny played and laughed inside with family, and something clicked inside him.  “We have all lived our lives for too long with regret.  I think we need to stop regretting the past, and move on.  What do you say?” he held out his hand and Mr. Raphael took it with tears in his eyes.  
“Son, thank you.  That would mean a lot.  As many mistakes as we, I, have made, that would do my heart good. I love my daughters and my grandson. Your son.  I am glad he is yours.”  
“He is a fine boy.  I’m glad too.” 
“And son, one more thing.” He took hold of Gio’s arm once more as he was about to turn and head back inside.  “You say you were not perfect, but you are.  Perfect for my Lisa anyhow.  I wish I had seen that earlier.”
The old man was smiling at him with tears still in his eyes. “You old fool,” Gio swiped the tears that had sprung from his own eyes, and pulled Mr. Raphael into his arms, and gave him a quick hug.  The man was crying and laughing at the same time.  
“Let’s get inside.  I miss my family.”
“I do too, son. I do to.”


MJ Nightingale has been a teacher for over two decades. Writing is her new career, and something she has wanted to do for a very long time. But reading has been a part of her life since she was a child. She has been an avid lover of romance novels, and they have always held a special place in her heart. When not working, or writing, or spending time with her children, she devours books all summer long, and any type of fiction; thrillers, crime, suspense, contemporary, and drama. 
She has published seven novels, all contemporary erotic romance with elements of action and suspense. She currently lives in Florida with her wonderful husband, and sons. And, she loves to hear from her readers.
Follow her on Amazon to get all the latest on her upcoming new series; Mystic Nights. Five new romantic suspense books that follow Tawny Sassacus and her children who help her to run Mystic Casino Nights.

You can contact her on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, or visit her website.


Finding Us - my review

I waited with baited breath for this release. I've known this lovely lady for a while on fb and was so excited for her when she told me she was writing a book. So as you can imagine I squealed with delight when this landed on my kindle. 

Abby is a tough cookie. No matter what is thrown at her she is strong and brave. On tour as a famous singer her life starts to crumble when she finds her guitarist boyfriend cheating on her. This is the start of a lot of hurtful secrets being revealed. Abby realises over time who she can trust and not trust. As things got heated with Abby and her bodyguard Danny I was shouting at my kindle for them to get a move on and get together.

Did I mention Danny is hot? Although it's his job to protect Abby I loved how he will do anything to protect her. He's a hot alpha male. 

This author has wrote a wonderful story. I thought it was a great balance between the music industry and security. Although not an angsty read I found myself holding my breath on a few occasions. Once I started this I did not want to stop. As addictive as it was I even found myself reading while drying my hair. Yes it's that kinda read.

Well done Debra on a brilliant debut novel. Looking forward to reading more in this series. 

Finding Us - new release

#NewRelease #ContemporaryRomance #DebraPresley #BEP
Finding Us by Debra Presley Release Blitz @Debra_Presley_
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 31, 2015
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Pop star Abby Murphy is living every girl’s dream. She has fame, fortune, and a handsome boyfriend, a guitar player named Sean. That changes the night she finds him in the arms of another woman. Hurt and betrayed, Abby ends their relationship. But Sean won't accept the breakup, and she soon learns that he’s had a hidden agenda all along. Overnight, Sean transforms from loving boyfriend to dangerous adversary, and Abby no longer knows who she can trust among her friends and family.

Abby turns to her bodyguard, Danny Nucci, a man who will do everything in his power to keep her safe. But when Abby realizes her feelings for Danny run much deeper than she thought, she refuses to give in to her attraction in order to preserve her new found independence as well as protect Danny from Sean's machinations.

When Abby finally finds the strength to reclaim her life and acknowledge her growing love for Danny, will she be able to let him in? And will Danny be able to overcome his own demons to be the man she needs him to be? Or will she be forced to let him go forever?

Debra is a native New Yorker who made her escape to the suburbs. She often returns to her hometown to visit her favorite deli for a bagel with butter, because there’s no better bagel than a New York bagel. When not in search of bagels, Debra spends her time running Book Enthusiast Promotions, an online promotions company that helps indie authors spread the word about their books. She’s also the owner of The Book Enthusiast blog.
She started writing lyrics in her wall-to-wall NKOTB bedroom at the tender age of thirteen while dreaming of the day she’d become Mrs. Jordan Knight.  That dream never came to fruition, but she has continued to write. Now she’s working on her first novel. 
Street Team: 
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Vintage - new release


Think you can handle this street racer on and off road?

#OneClick today to find out!

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Revenge is Sweeter - my review

And the story continues. I thought Emery was a great badass character. Although everything she knows and believes is falling apart she's still a strong character. 

Emery wants revenge and she intends to do all she can to succeed. 

This is book three of the series. I loved it. I'm really hoping we don't have to wait too long for the next book in the series.

Revenge is Sweeter - new release

#NewRelease #DarkRomance #MichCongdon #BEP
Revenge is Sweeter by Michelle Congdon Release Blitz @mishcongdon
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: July 2015
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Other books in the Black Heart Series: 
Sweet Fury (Black Heart #1)
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Sweetly Broken (Black Heart #2)
Amazon US: 
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I was trained to be become an ultimate killing machine. But unlike machines, I have no off switch.

I want revenge and I’m thirsty for blood.

I will hunt down Ryuu and his organization of assassins one by one in order to quench the thirst. Starting with the man I despise the most: Caleb Spencer.

Caleb will suffer and die, by my hand, a slow and tortuous death.

But first, I need to find a way to escape from enemy territory and the many guns pointed at my head.

Michelle Congdon resides in Sydney, Australia. She enjoys reading books of all sorts of genres, watching way too many movies and TV shows (and Disney cartoons), singing out aloud to her favourite tunes, and going on adventures involving food and travel. Michelle is loud, talks a lot and shares an ever-growing list of book husbands with a friend. She has an overactive imagination, and has tried to put it to good use by sharing stories with anyone willing to listen.


I knew it was a bad idea from the beginning, an idea that would most likely lead to our deaths, but I went along with it. Because why? Because Grady Tanner of course. I have met nobody else like him before. I’ve never cared for anyone else but him before. These stupid things that normal humans call feelings have transformed me from the merciless killing monster I once was to somebody I almost don’t recognize. No matter how much I despise the idea, I’m unable to stop the way Grady makes me feel, and because of that, we are now currently being held at gun point by my father’s biggest rival and worst enemy, and the man whose son I murdered in cold blood. Mikhail Sokolov.

A Kingpin Love Affair - blog tour


Title: A Kingpin Love Affair (The Complete Collection)

Author: J.L. Beck

Series: A Kingpin Love Affair

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Erotica Romance

Best Selling Author J.L. Beck brings you a book series where the love is scorching hot, and the danger is just as intense...

A collection of three best selling books which will be available for ONE month only. This boxed set contains a new release, with a never before seen novella written strictly as a gift for J.L. Beck fans. That's FIVE books for less than a dollar!!

18+ ONLY due to mature themes, and matter. 


It was suppose to be a debt settled, just a price being repaid. 

Instead love was born ... from unpaid dues it bloomed.

See, that's the funny thing about love, you never expect it.


She was never part of the plan.

She was never to become anything.

She was simply a payment, and once the

debt was settled, she would be nothing to me. 


FBI Agent Devon Mitchell is trying everything 

he can to move on with his life.

Except he can't.

 After losing the one person he loved more

than life itself, he struggles to carry on with 

the guilt and burden of letting her go.


I wasn't a victim. I wasn't prey to the monsters

that lurked in the dark -- at least that's what

I told myself. Trouble had found me, I was sold to

the mafia by my family. I was now property of the drug 

cartel ran by the Russian Mafia, and to be sold to the

highest bidder. What happened was never to be expected. 




Bittersweet Revenge

Bittersweet Love

Bittersweet Hate

Bittersweet Symphony

Bittersweet Trust

Project: Killer


J.L. Beck is the best selling author of numerous books including Indebted, Inevitable, Invincible, and The Bittersweet Series. She's best known for weaving a tale, that ends with your mouth hanging open, and your hands gripping the edge of your seat. 

She's a no holds bar author who enjoys spending time with her husband of seven years, three year old hellion, and Hatchi the fur baby. She calls Wisconsin home, but loves to travel. In her free time you can catch her watching bad reality tv, cooking, reading books, or spending time outdoors. 

Follow her to see what wicked adventures she's up too...



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My Biggest Mistake - new release



Edie had spent her whole life planning her future, imagining her husband, her kids, and even which minivan she’d drive. Lucky for her, she didn’t have to wait long, marrying her high school sweetheart right after graduation.

All of Edie’s dreams had come true, until they were no longer her dreams. Unable to deal with the lingering depression caused by having children, she left her whole life behind, walking away from the one thing she'd always wanted.

Donovan Leery loved his wife with everything he had and could never imagine life without her. Until he came home from work one day and found a letter from Edie, explaining she needed a break. Not only leaving him to live his life without her, but alone to raise their three small children.

But what happens when Edie is ready to come home? When she’s ready to fight for it all back? She knew it wouldn’t be easy. But she didn’t care. After spending years getting her life back together, she was ready to fight for her family. And a fight is what Donovan would give her.

She'd fight to make up for her Biggest Mistake. 




We slipped through the spaces between the logs like we had done so many times so many years ago. It was harder than what I remembered, but still not difficult. Once I took in the sight in front of me, I gasped, trying to catch my breath.
The sand was gone. The random pine trees from before had multiplied and filled in the entire area with more pine trees. The ground was covered in pine needles and pods. It was as though our secret place had never existed and it filled me with sadness.
Once I took everything in, I turned to him, silently asking for answers.
He didn’t answer me; instead, he walked further between the trees. He stopped a little ways in and looked around. “We carved our names into a tree one time,” he started without looking at me. “We laid out a blanket somewhere over there, next to our tree, and we gave ourselves to each other for the first time. This was our place. I came here once after you left; I guess I needed to feel a connection to you. I needed to feel the sense of security this place used to bring me. So I came here, looking for peace. Instead, I found this. It was like God was trying to tell me something. 
“We see things in our heads, making them what we want them to be. We see the perfectness of the past and avoid looking at the messiness of the present. I came here, expecting to find it exactly how it was when we were young and happy with a bright future ahead of us. That’s not what I found. I found land that has been overgrown with trees, making it impossible to find the single tree with our names carved in it. Just like in my head, you were perfect. But when I went searching for you in my memories, all I found was a shell of the woman I had fallen in love with, making it difficult to see the place in your heart where I had carved my name.” His words were so full of pain and despair as they echoed around me.
I reached out to touch his arm but he pulled away, looking right into my eyes.
“You destroyed me, Edie. You’re still destroying me.”
What the hell was I supposed to say to that? “What do you want me to do?” I asked in a pleading voice, needing him to tell me, direct me. I didn’t have answers or any clue as to what I needed to do. I just knew I wanted to make things right.
“I want you to have never left me.” His voice was broken, sounding the way one does just before breaking down into tears. It made my eyes flood with warm saltwater. I blinked them away as he cleared his throat and looked to the sky. “I want you to have talked to me instead of running. But you can’t change that now. Now…there’s nothing for you to do.”
“If you want me to leave—”
“NO!” he yelled, interrupting me. “I don’t want you to leave. Don’t you get it? I never wanted you to leave. I never wanted to live my life without you in it. I still don’t want to live without you, but I can’t live with you. I’m stuck in this endless space of purgatory because of you. I’m unhappy either way. You can’t make that right. You can’t make it go away.”
“Why did you bring me here?” My question came out in a whisper, barely heard above the rustling of the trees around us. His pain cut through me like a knife, killing anything left alive inside of me, and I wished for something that I could do to take it all away. This was the man I loved with my whole entire being. I had never loved anyone else. He was it for me.
He shook his head as if he needed to clear his mind before answering. “Because I need you to see that it’s over. Until you realize it, I can’t move on. You’re holding on to me, keeping me in this dark place. I can’t go back. I can’t give you what you want, but I can’t move forward, either. I’m physically stuck here until you let me go. That’s what I need from you, Edie. I need you to let me go.”


Leddy Harper had to use her imagination often as a child. She grew up the only girl in a house full of boys. At the age of fourteen, she decided to use that imagination and wrote her first book, and never stopped. She often calls writing her therapy, using it as a way to deal with issues through the eyes of her characters.
She is now a mother of three girls, leaving her husband as the only man in a house full of females. The decision to publish her first book was made as a way of showing her children to go after whatever it is they want to. Love what you do and do it well. And to teach them what it means to overcome their fears.
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Devil in the Detail - new release

Title: Devil in the Detail
Series: Butcher Boys #4
Author: Max Henry
Genre: Suspense/Contemporary
Release Date: July 30, 2015

Loves comes in all shapes and forms, and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish which one you’re given.

I run from my pain—that’s just what I do. It’s how I’ve managed to keep a handle on the shame and remorse at what I did the day my life changed. Has it changed me for the good, or for the worse—I can never be sure? Some days it's one and most it’s the other.

Now, each day is getting darker, ever since I met the woman who has the power to ease my ache and got a taste for what could be.

Selfish? Maybe. Foolish? Definitely. But nothing can stop me until I prove to her she needs me just as much as it kills me to wake up one more day without her.

I’ll do whatever it takes—even if I risk my life and my health fighting her psychotic and possessive old man to get her in my bed.

B&N:  Not available yet
Kobo:  Not available yet

Her brow twitches. “I can’t do this. I’m sorry.” She steps away, heading for the door.
Lunging from the chair, I catch her shoulder and spin her to face me. “Can’t do what? Why are you running?”
“Because being around you makes me feel things, and I know it’s wrong to.”
“Ramona, you need to tell me,” I plead, heart beating erratically. “What kind of ‘things’ are you feeling?” I need to know if they’re the same.
“Like you could be something incredible for me. But . . . ”
God, she’s killing me. “But?”
“It’s not the right time.” She smiles softly.
A beat passes with us staring at one another. I don’t want the moment to end. I don’t want her to walk away. “Do you love him?” My tongue is thick in my mouth.
She shakes her head, smiling, yet her eyes are sad . . . so damn sad. “Not like you think—that’s the problem.”
Max is the author of the suspense filled, and highly emotive Butcher Boys series. She writes uniquely dark romance, featuring damaged alphas and the women who help them achieve balance in their lives.
Originally born and bred in Canterbury, New Zealand, Max now resides with her family in beautiful and sunny Queensland, Australia. Life with two young children can be hectic at times, and although she may not write as often as she would like, Max wouldn't change a thing.
In her down time, Max can be found at her local gym, brain-storming through a session with the weights. Or, she may be out bumping, and jostling her way along a dirt track with the family in hubby's 4WD.
There is a giveaway for a signed paperback of Devil in the Detail
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Relinquished - blog tour

Relinquished by K.A. Hunter


GoodReads Link:



Jules Donovan has been in and out of unsavory foster homes and repulsive motels her entire life. She’s known nothing but loss, abandonment, crime, and pain. Now that she's aged out of the system, she can’t remember ever having dreams for her future because she’s constantly fighting for daily survival. 

When she meets the Riley brothers, there’s something about them that draws her in. She’s never let her guard down, but Dante and Holden make her feel valuable, like she actually matters. And for the first time in her life, she senses something she’s never experienced before—protection. 

But can these mysterious brothers keep her safe from the dark monsters that lie in wait, ready for their final revenge? And how in the hell does older brother Dante know so much about her anyway? 

Unbeknownst to her, things have been set in motion ever since she was ripped from her mother’s womb and, as each jagged piece of her life unfolds, she will begin to wonder, who’s really in charge of her fate? 

**TRIGGER WARNING...this novel contains non-explicit scenes of abuse. There is strong language throughout. Relinquished is intended for mature readers**


Buy Links:

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Smashwords -

B&N -

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About Author:


Kimi Flores/K.A. Hunter lives in Southern California with her husband, who happened to be her high school sweetheart and prom date and their two hilarious boys.

When she's not reading, writing, or hanging out with family and friends, Kimi spends her time in the kitchen trying to come up with vegan meals that don't taste like cardboard. 

Volunteering is extremely important to her, and she and her family work with several local non-profit organizations. A portion of her sales will always go to charity.

Currently, she writes contemporary romance stories under her real name Kimi Flores and grittier romantic suspense novels under her pen name K.A. Hunter.


Author Links:




Dark Place To Hide - new release




AJ Waines



She’s trying to tell you  if only you’d listen…

About to break the news to his wife, Diane, that he’s infertile, criminology expert, Harper Penn, gets a call to say she’s been rushed to hospital with a miscarriage. Five days later, when Diane fails to return from the village shop, police think she must have taken off with a secret lover, but Harper is convinced theonline messages are not from her

In the same Hampshire village, plucky seven-year-old Clara has retreated into a make-believe world after an accident. Then she, too, goes missing.

As Harper sets out on a desperate quest to find them both, he has no idea what he’s up against. Could the threat be closer than he thinks? And is there a hidden message in Clara’s fairy tales? 


DARK PLACE TO HIDE is a chilling psychological mysterywith a cold-blooded deviant lurking at the core.


About the author

AJ Waines was a Psychotherapist for fifteen years, during which time she worked with ex-offenders from high-security institutions, giving her a rare insight into abnormal psychology.She is now a full-time novelist with an Agent and has publishing deals in France and Germany (Random House). Both her debut novelsThe Evil Beneath and Girl on a Train have been Number One in 'Murder' and 'Psychological Thrillers' in the UK Kindle Charts. Girl on a Train has also been a Number One Bestseller in the entire Kindle Chart in AustraliaIn 2015, she was ranked in the Top 100 UK authors on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Her new psychological thriller, Dark Place to Hideis released on July 30, 2015 – you can pre-order it HERE.

Alison lives in Southampton, UK, with her husband. Visit herwebsite and blog, or follow her on Twitter and Facebook


Do you like your thrillers haunting, relentless and compelling? Do you like your characters faithful, dogged and desperate?  Dark Place To Hide is about secrets, mistrust and innocence with a cold-blooded deviant lurking at the core.


One small Village. Two big Secrets 


The big bad wolf is in town.


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Corrupted - my review

Make sure you read book one Secrets before you read this story.

This is Viktor and Elainas story. Viktor is part of a Mafia family. He stepped down to let his younger brother takeover. He's a dark broody alpha male. However when he's with Elaina we see the softer side to him.

Two great characters that I loved. Both Viktor and Elaina think they ain't good enough for the other. I loved the storyline. Brilliant read. 

Corrupted - blog tour

Title: Corrupted 

Series: Russkaya Mafiya Novel 

Author: Sapphire Knight

Genre: Contemporary, Erotica, Mafia, MC, Romantic suspense

Release: June 28, 2015


Goodreads Link:





I was bred for this. For Mafiya.

Instead, I relinquished my crown to my younger brother.

I’m the dirty side of the Mafiya.

I clean up the messes. The bodies. The problems.

Here in America, I’m the Russian King.

I never expected to want my mark. To crave her, to need her.

One thing about being the leader of the Bratva, I always get what I want.

I’m corrupted, I never promised to play fair.



Unwanted and unloved.

I lay in that hospital bed, broken.

One bad decision and I almost killed someone,

myself included.

The dark shadow coming to finish the job,

turns out to be my bright light.

I try to hold back, fighting temptation.

Who would want someone so damaged?

He doesn’t know it, but I’m good at keeping secrets.

You have to be, when you have so many.


Buy Links:



Amazon CA:

Amazon UK:

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Excerpt 1


Regardless of feeling a presence behind me, I stay bent over. It’s one of those moments where you clench your tummy tightly and lie, telling yourself nothing’s behind you when in fact you know there really is something there.

I’m startled when a strong hand grasps my bicep, pulling me up and backward. I spin, ready to fight and let loose a piece of my mind. I’m met with Viktor’s serious expression about four inches from my face and it makes me pause, forgetting every word that had been wanting to come out.

“NO. You are wrong. I have been chasing you for months. Open your eyes.” He steps closer so I can feel his warm, sweet breath whisper over my face each time he speaks. “Printsyessa,” he whispers and tenderly takes my bottom lip between his.


Excerpt 2


I open the small container carefully, placing it under Tollfree’s nose. It only takes a second for him to jerk awake, eyes wide, ready to plead.

“Save it.” I grab a rag and stuff it in his mouth.

“I want to hear you scream, not your words. Your muffled whimpers will suit me just fine.” He shakes his head rapidly at me and tries to plead through the rag.

“I told you when we met that I collect what is owed to me. You hurt someone I love, and that’s the biggest debt you can ever owe me.”

“Na! Na!” he shouts through the rag.

“No?” I question and he shakes his head. “Ah, but you are mistaken. The answer is yes. You see, I love a sweet little blonde. She reminds me of a fairy, with her long, wispy hair and short legs.” He gazes at me, confusion clouding his features.


Excerpt 3


Elaina leans back, lips red and glistening, her eyes lit up with fire. “What do you want, Viktor?” she asks me boldly and my cock strains against my boxers.

Leaning up slightly, I push them off my hips so they pool at my feet. She licks her lips and I weave my hands through her smooth, Cinderella-like locks. I push her down easily until she rests on her knees, staring up at me with her bright blue, curious irises.

I grin at her as if she’s my prey. “Kiss it,” I purr and she gulps, staring at my dick, intimidated.


Excerpt 4


Elaina whimpers softly behind me and I reach back, squeezing her hand, attempting to comfort her. The bright light glints off the Mercedes and for the first time I notice the front of the vehicle. Sergei is laid out on the hood, throat slit, covered in dark blood.

I walk toward him, noticing something on the windshield. The club door bangs as it slams closed. I jump a little, ready to protect Elaina with my life if necessary. Twisting, I find Alexei, looking at me, perplexed.

“Shit! Boss?” He moves to do an area search.

“No. Stay with Elaina.” I growl at him and remove my gun, screwing on my silencer. I’m going to kill any of them that I find still here. They have nerve, coming at me, the king of the Bratva. I will feed each one to the fish if necessary. Whoever did this deserves to hurt. They will pay; I will make sure of it.

I carefully walk around the car and scan the surroundings but I find no one. I return to the front of the vehicle, and move closer to check on Sergei. He is very much dead and across the windshield in his blood, is smeared WAR. 



Author Bio:


Sapphire Knight is the author of Secrets, Exposed, Relinquish and Corrupted. Her books all reflect on what she loves to read herself.

She is a Texas girl who is crazy about football. Sapphire has always had a knack for writing, whether it is poems or stories.

She originally studied psychology and that has only added to her passion for writing. Sapphire has two boys and has been married for ten years.

When she’s not busy in her writing cave, she’s busy playing with her three Doberman Pinschers.

She loves to donate to help animals and watching a good action movie.

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In The Series:

Secrets (Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers MC #1)

Exposed (Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers MC #2)

Relinquish (Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers MC #3)


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