Friday, 13 January 2017


The Barter System Companion (Volume One)

by Shayne McClendon

The Barter System Companion (Volume One) pulls together every short story written in the first half of the universe timeline. You'll find 36 stories, in chronological order, and you're going to LOVE the new ones you've never seen. 

Be warned...there's sex in these pages. Some tears as well. Characters you know (and adore), others you're about to learn a whole lot better, and some new friends you need in your life.

Let my darlings lead you on an epic journey through the world you love but might not know as well as you think you do. You can't miss this staggering collection of TBS stories. 

Another hot, emotional read from Always the Good Girl, Shayne McClendon. Don't read this (or most of my books) if explicit sexual content and language offends you. For those of you who are here for that sort of thing...carry on.

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