Thursday, 12 January 2017

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Tempting the Badman (Russian Bratva #5) by Hayley Faiman is #LIVE!  #OneClick this new #RomanticSuspense novel today, #FreeWithKU!  Don’t forget to enter the #Giveaway!

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“I want more!!! I NEED MORE!!! Ermagawd! Dominik is EPIC!” ~5 Star Goodreads Review by Expresso

“I am so engrossed in this series, and each volume just sucks me in further to the point that I want to go find a Badman of my own.” ~5 Star Goodreads Review by Crystal

“Absolutely loved this book. . . . Keep them coming hayley you never disappoint.” ~5 Star Goodreads Review by Christina

At five years old, Inessa Kozlova is exposed to the dangerous power a badman wields. Now, twenty years later, she’s convinced that a badman is the last thing she wants in her bed. Strong, beautiful, and independent, she’s determined to live the life she wants on her own terms. Yet, from the moment she lays eyes on her Bratva lover, her heart demands otherwise. 

Dominik Markov owes his life to the Bratva. Having grown up in prison, he associates his ties to the mafia with liberty. Embracing his freedom, he takes all that life has to offer—including all the women he can get. Known as the Bratva playboy, settling down is not his idea of happiness, and love is a mystery he wishes not to solve. 

It doesn’t take long for Inessa to learn that the power of love is more dangerous than that of any man, and she’s no match against her feelings for Dominik. Yet, it’s Dominik who is brought to his knees—tempted by the only woman who has ever made him want more. Discovering that the cost of more is surrender, he must decide what kind of badman he really is—and if the woman who tempts his heart is worth it.

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