Monday, 25 August 2014

Love and Revenge - review

This is the third book in the Love And .... Series. Each book is a standalone. I read this first but as I loved it so much I'll be going back and reading the first two. 

This is a really brilliant action packed story. Maddies one big regret is saying no to ex Navy seal Seamus marriage proposal, especially as his enemies have kidnapped her. 

The characters are brilliant and I thought the author did a great job of portraying these characters as real and likeable. This is a gripping read and I ended up reading it in one day. 

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  1. Hello Philomena Callan and Cheekypee reads and reviews!

    Thank you so much for your happy words and excited review!!! I am thrilled that you loved Love AND Revenge! When I set out to write it, it was my goal to write real characters with deep emotions who would win your heart! I'm so happy that came through for you! I sincerely and happily appreciate you reading Love AND Revenge, writing a review, your support, and your help in spreading the word! I hope you love Love AND Bullets and Love AND Leaving just as much!!! :0)

    Happy Reading to You Always!
    Mary Kate