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The Big Ol’ Bike - blog tour


The Big Ol’ Bike by Rachael Clarke

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Book Blurb:

Big things are happening in Little Springs...


Everything about Oliver is small, from his footprint to his glasses-and a trio of bullies never let him forget it. When Oliver receives his grandfather's old bike for his birthday, he rides tall for the first time. But the meanest bully in school doesn't like that at all. Oliver quickly finds himself challenged to a race. Now, he'll have to be bigger than he ever imagined in order to prove heroes come in small packages too.


The Big Ol' Bike is a contemporary slice of life for ages 7-10. It's filled with characters who could live down the street from you, or have a locker beside yours at school. Come hang out with Oliver, Austin, and Sue, as they experience excitement, setbacks, and adventure together. Themes of bullying, family, friendship, confidence, and community are all explored.


Longer than average for this age range, The Big Ol' Bike is meant to be transitional between chapter books and middle grade novels. It's an equally perfect choice for eager readers who fly through the pages, and kids who enjoy taking it chapter by chapter.


WARNING: Reading this book may cause an immediate and urgent need to ride your bike. Do not be alarmed-the feeling will pass soon enough. But don't let it.;)



I was delighted to receive this as I wanted to do something with my grandson over the phone. Every evening when he got into bed he video called me and I read him a chapter of this story. 

Oliver is a very likeable and relatable  young boy. My grandson said he wanted to be Oliver’s friend. 

The storyline is very good and gave us many opportunities to chat about Oliver and what was happening throughout the story. We even called my partner in so he could ask his granda if he had a bike when he was younger. After reading this we have planned to pop on our bikes and go for a ride when we are allowed. 

About Rachael Clarke:

Rachael Clarke is a former police officer turned stay-at-home mom living in Portage la Prairie, MB. She rides the twisty rollercoaster of life alongside her sport-obsessed husband, adorably mischievous boys, and two quirky dogs. Rachael likes to stay busy, constantly juggling writing projects from children’s books to novels. Besides writing and illustrating, she enjoys photography, the outdoors, acting, and sipping steaming cups of coffee. Oh, and cake—can’t forget cake.


Rachael also writes multi-genre short fiction under the pen name R.A. Clarke. Her work has been featured in various publications, and has won both Writer's Weekly and Writer's Games



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