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The Accused 

When Private Investigator Charlie Cameron agrees to take on a cold case, he is drawn back into Glasgow’s dark underworld…

Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron knew Kim Rafferty was bad news the moment they met. Desperate people always spelled trouble in his experience, and Mrs Rafferty was as desperate as they come. 

What she was asking for was insane. If he agreed to help the wife of the notorious East-End gangster, the consequences for them both could be fatal.

Twenty-four hours later, another betrayed woman with a hopeless case is pleading for Charlie's help. 

The PI is her only chance to keep an innocent man from serving a second prison sentence for murders he didn't commit. 

Dennis Boyd is on the run, and as Charlie fights against the clock to keep him out of jail, he crosses a line that puts him on the wrong side of the law and pits him against his old friend and ally, DS Andrew Geddes.

As the body count grows, and the defence for his client falls apart bit by bit, Charlie refuses to accept the inevitable. But everyone has their limits – even the infamous Charlie Cameron. Will he be forced to admit that this case may be the one to beat him…


The Accused is another excellent read by this author. 

PI Charlie Cameron is back again with maybe his most challenging case. A man on the run declares his innocence and needs help from Charlie. Kim Rafferty needs to get away from her husband and asks Charlie for help. This story sees Charlie at his best working two cases. 

A well written page turner that I highly recommend.

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Author Bio – Owen Mullen is a highly regarded crime author who splits his time between Scotland and the island of Crete. In his earlier life he lived in London and worked as a musician and session singer. 

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