Friday, 20 January 2017

Jo Raven Candy Ever After 
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“Candy, why is your bed so big?”
“… to fit my two boyfriends when we snuggle together at night.”
Only that’s my father asking, staring at the bed in question.

The boys and me, we’re solid. However, doubt lingers. I mean, Joel’s parents hate each other. Jethro’s dad killed his mom, for chrissakes—and my mom has acquired a sudden interest in sex toys and escort services.

So I wonder if true love really exists. Love that doesn’t fade over time. You know, the kind that withstands nightmares and bad jokes, unwashed dishes in the sink and lack of lube.
Yeah, that happened.

These boys own me. They’re sweet, sexy and caring—but will they break my heart, or is this our happily ever after?

Author note: This is NOT a standalone novel. It is the epilogue to Candy Boys. You need to read Candy Boys before you read Candy Ever After.
But you’re in luck:
BONUS NOVEL! For a limited time, as a thanks to my readers, I have included Candy Boys (Hot Candy 1) inside this book in case you haven’t read it or would like to read it again before you start on the sequel—only for a limited time.

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